Marketing Automation Platform ROI?

More often than not, for us humans, it’s not the journey that matters, it’s the destination!  We have to know the end-result sooner rather than later whether it’s the outcome of a game, results of a test, decision on a job interview or the ROI of a marketing automation platform.

In so doing we generally miss the entire picture.  A marketing automation platform is only as good as the strategy and execution behind it.  If the results are not “up to par,” it’s the platform that gets a thumb’s down.  How often does a marketing team/CxO own the failure?

Hindu Mythology & Marketing Organizations

Hindu mythology rests on the anchors of a “Creator,” a “Preserver,” and a “Destroyer.”  A Creator is responsible to think of new and different things or as we would say, think out of the box.  A Preserver should protect all that is “working” whereas a Destroyer is responsible to eliminate all that is “evil.”

Similarly, does your marketing organization have these functions? It’s an essential equilibrium to ensure you build on the foundation while leveraging new channels and technologies.

Say more, speak less

In this competitive world, we feel left out if we fail to “keep-up”.  Our schools have ingrained this in us through enforcing a structure and a discipline around how we do things, how we think things through, etc.  In essence, there is one way to do it and the person who can do it the best wins!  For instance, in our personal lives, we try to get our child enrolled in that one extra class over the weekend to give them the “edge” or as marketers, we want to send that one extra email to be “top of mind” than the next competitor.

All it does is create more noise.  And, because of all this noise, the attention span of an average prospect on the internet is now down to 8 seconds.  Try not to fuel this race down to a 4 second attention span.  It’s not about how loud your brand can yell, it’s about what can your brand teach.

If it matters, it lasts.

Industry buzz is all about Demand Generation,  Marketing Automation, Sales-Marketing alignment….  But, at its core, Marketing is a lot easier if it is fueled by passion.  Passion comes easy if the marketer is “sold” on the proposition themself.  Every marketer should ask the ultimate question – Would you buy the product?  If so, why?  Not because of the flashy power points, not because of market share, not because you drank the kool-aid but because it solves clear and specific challenges.  It should enable your prospect to be better at what they do.  Make the brand matter and not popular.  Simple law of nature – if it matters, it lasts.