Anatomy of a world-class marketing organization

Is there such a thing as a template for a world-class marketing organization?  I don’t know, however, there are certain key functions that are critical to the success of one.  As I see it, there are 5 key pillars:

  1. Strategic Planning — Includes market assessment, competitive positioning and channel management with regards to profitability, share, leverage, etc.
  2. Products/Services — Product Development, Portfolio Management and Pricing
  3. Marketing Strategy & Execution —
    1. Brand Development/Extension and PR
    2. Segmentation & Customer Experience Management
    3. Budget Allocation
    4. Acquisition & Retention
    5. MarCom, Promotions
    6. Sales Support
  4. Operations — Website, eCommerce, Marketing Automation Platforms, Analytic tools, Social Media Monitoring tools, etc.
  5. Customer Satisfaction — Surveys, research through secondary data collected to help Strategic Planning and Product Development


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