What Can StratMG Do For You?

We firmly believe that no two businesses are the same and
thus all of our work is custom suited for your needs.
  • Strategy
  • StratMG believes a marketing team can be just as much a revenue center as a sales team, and accomplishing this requires a strategic go-to-market approach.

  • Strategy Pic
    StratMG’s core differentiator is its unique approach. Beginning with a detailed Needs Analysis Audit, StratMG formulates a custom strategic roadmap linked to in-house intellectual and human capital, then ties the deliverables to business objectives. The results of which provide an unambiguous view of the value added. StratMG offers a sound strategy grounded in marketing fundamentals. We leverage our unique blend of industry know-how and demand generation best practices coupled with the latest marketing technologies to deliver a congruent, metrics-based and insight-driven go-to-market plan. Our plan addresses the five most important questions:

    • Who? Market Size, Prospect Database Build, Personas, Segmentation
    • What? Content and Messaging that engages the target audience
    • How? Personalized communication using best of breed technologies
    • Where? Optimal channel allocation to reach the target audience
    • Why? Real-time reporting to drive insights on resonating messages, ROI, etc.
  • Technology

  • At StratMG, our demand generation capabilities extend beyond basic marketing automation and into the entire digital marketing ecosystem. We pride ourselves in being Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs). Our extensive experience allows us to leverage our clients existing infrastructure while adding new technologies necessary to meet business objectives and affording future scalability. We craft custom marketing solutions that quantifiably map outcomes to those objectives.

    Our team’s cross functional expertise in marketing fundamentals, industry know-how,
    and technical savvy has given us the business intelligence to deploy complimentary,
    integrated platforms. We remain vendor agnostic while evaluating the needs of your
    business and the best technologies to suit your unique requirements. We can help
    you create a unified user experience by utilizing existing Technology infrastructure and
    integrating complimentary technology(s).

    Finally, through technology, we enable a metrics-based system that drives real-time
    insights. This not only optimizes the prospect journey but also generates quantifiable Return on Marketing Investments.

  • Technology

  • Results

  • Report Card

  • It is imperative for a marketing organization to quantify its own progress, both, with respect to its own past performance and against industry standards. Key areas for a marketing organization to measure are:

    • Marketing outcomes as mapped to business objectives
    • Marketing Budget Allocation and ROI
    • Sales Enablement

    StratMG, with its thorough knowledge of marketing best practices coupled with its technical savvy is uniquely placed to help create a metrics-based infrastructure that allows an organization to monitor its performance and quantify its success.

  • Analytics
  • Data is becoming the backbone of all marketing organizations. Marketers must lead with data and insights. Understanding what kind of data is worth tracking and how it moves the needle towards achieving business objectives is becoming increasingly more critical.

    StratMG uses analytics to drive insights that result in more meaningful conversations
    with prospects. Whether it is:

    • Conducting RFM & predictive analytics
    • Developing personas for segmentation
    • Evaluating message & campaign effectiveness
    • Analyzing the most responsive channels
    • Driving insights using custom dashboards
    • Calculating overall return on marketing investments

    StratMG creates a metrics-driven approach that allows our clients to gauge the success of their marketing. Results…Period.

  • Analytics

  • Technology as a Service
  • The anatomy of a marketing team today consists of a strategic thinker, a technology administrator, an analyst, a social media expert, a campaign manager, a brand manager, a creative designer, the list goes on… StratMG will complete your arsenal, fill in the gaps, and become an extension of the staff and expertise you already have in-house without the overhead and risk of hiring additional employees.

    StratMG provides an on-demand set of skills that help manage your marketing automation platform to enable quantifiable results. Coupled with its industry know-how and proven resources, StratMG can adapt the technology platform to your environment and integrate it into existing infrastructure, thereby generating a holistic view of a prospect journey.


    We are:

    • Trusted advisors to the world’s leading marketing and sales organizations.
    • Specialized experts in business processes, integration and technology.
    • Industry-certified, proven performance marketers who scale to your needs.

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