‘Do more with less’- Automate Inside Sales & Marketing


‘Do more with less’ – Automate Inside Sales & Marketing

Technology platforms like Marketing Automation enable an SMB to create virtual resources, for instance:

  • Inside Sales – Lead generation, lead qualification, etc.
  • Sales – Sales follow-up for RFQ/RFPs, lead nurture over a period of time, etc.
  • Customer Service – On-boarding, exposing cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, etc.

Further, these platforms add a layer of transparency by mapping every dollar spent on marketing & sales to revenues generated. These platforms have evened the playing field for SMBs to compete with the enterprises.

Connecting marketing automation to ROI:

eMarketer’s latest findings suggest companies using marketing automation experience significantly higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and employee productivity.  For example, a company utilizing marketing automation experienced almost 20% higher revenue plan attainment compared to a company using traditional methods.

Investing in marketing technology is a great decision for any business. It is a simple and organized way to streamline your processes, align sales with marketing, and increase revenue.

Stay tuned for future posts on selecting the right marketing automation software for you, and how to correctly utilize it for your business!

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Revenue Generation via a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Revenue Generation via a Digital Marketing Strategy

Our customers have shown a consistent growth pattern in online dependency for research, partner search, etc.  This makes it imperative for us to have a solid online presence.  To do that, map revenue goals to marketing deliverables.  Following are some key aspects to think through to help execute on a strategy:

  1. Understand your customers

Tailor your messages to your customers based on Job Function.  For instance, how do you help them solve their problems?  This will increase engagement with various niches within the target segments.

  1. Be knowledgeable of competition

Be cognizant of the competition.  Are you saying the same things they are?  How can your customer differentiate the two companies?  Educate them on the value proposition within the context of their respective environments.

  1. Retaining past customers is today’s acquisition

Leverage off-the-shelf technology platforms such as Marketing Automation Platforms to craft custom yet automated on-boarding processes, customer service touch-points, etc.  This enables a personalized journey while not investing in human bandwidth.

Developing a digital marketing strategy is an essential part in growing your business and standing out against competitors.

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Revenue Growth via Social Selling


Revenue Growth via Social Selling

Social selling is a fairly new but an effective tactic in sales. Social selling is when salespeople use social media to communicate directly with prospects.

Simple steps to get going in social selling:

Establish your Personal Brand/Identity

  • Identify where do your prospects hang out to procure information? LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+?
  • Determine how you would like your prospects to view your business/your brand, /your identity – Thought Leader? Customer Intimacy focused? Or, Operationally Excellent?
  • Articulate content that maps to your identity. For example, if you want to be perceived as a thought leader in the industry – talk about the latest trends, benefits of the trends, implementation steps, etc.  Or, add a comment or perspective on a recently published article.  This will humanize your brand while positioning the company as a trusted advisor.

Research your Audience- Be Relevant

  • Get a closer look at their interests, position within their company, where they are located, current needs, etc.
  • Based on your learnings, it is easier to post resonating content for your target audience. Relevant communication will keep them engaged and help build a relationship thus keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Social selling is an effective way to enhance your brand identity and connect with prospects on a more personal and individualized basis.

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Re-evaluate Sales Strategy to Increase Revenue


The Aha Moment: Know when to Pivot your Sales Strategy to Optimize Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is a direct function of a successful sales strategy. Analyzing the success of current sales efforts allows you to amend those that are no longer working and continue those that are.

A couple of suggested steps to evaluate the effectiveness of a sales strategy:

  1. Map the current sales process– Mapping the current stages of the process helps take a closer look at areas of improvement (if any), and it is important to see if the processes in place are generating as much success as when they were initially created. It can help answer questions like, is each step helping you get closer to a sale, how can it be modified to reduce your average sales cycle, is there anything that could be added to increase potential revenue, etc.
  2. Set clear objectives– Setting clear and concise objectives promotes accountability and allows you to tie results directly to specific efforts within the business. This can be done by developing large personal goals, and segmenting them based on the week, month, etc. Breaking down bigger goals into smaller parts is much simpler to track progress and smaller victories. It also allows you to identify existing patterns and trends.

Each of these suggestions require willingness to self-evaluate. Monitoring your goals and steps within the sales process will help understand where success, or lack thereof, is stemming from. The ability and commitment to change and adapt as necessary will keep you in an ideal position for closing sales.

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