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5 Critical factors to consider when identifying a Marketing Automation Platform

How flexible do you need the MAP vendor to be? Can they help make adjustments to your needs quickly?...

Venture Capital investment in Marketing Automation

Venture Capital investment in Marketing Automation has been at record pace the last 10 years. For instance, ~$700M has...

Marketing in a web 2.0 world – it takes a village!

Marketing in a web 2.0 world is a complex conundrum. For instance, we need a strategic thinker, an analytic...

Evolving Marketing Automation Landscape

In summary, the marketing automation landscape is playing out as expected. The big guys (IBM buying SilverPop, Oracle buying...

Humility – a key ingredient to success in the marketing 2.0 world?

No one individual can be proficient in all facets of marketing (strategic, analytic, creative, technical, etc) – this is...

Anatomy of a world-class marketing organization

Is there such a thing as a template for a world-class marketing organization? I don’t know, however, there...
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