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Use Marketing Automation to Get the Most Out of the Return of Trade Shows

Boost trade show ROI as the B2B trade show market starts to recover from the pandemic.

Manufacturing trade shows like FABTECH, HOUSTEX, and EASTEC are back on the calendar this year. Although surveys show it will take a few years for B2B trade shows to return to full peak, 2021 and 2022 are expected to make a significant comeback. With this in mind, now is the time to plan how you will boost trade show ROI for your industrial manufacturing company.

Marketing Automation Is the Key to Boosting ROI on Trade Shows

As you plan for the big manufacturing trade shows or regional shows near you, we know ROI is on your mind. There’s a lot your marketing and sales teams can do to boost ROI on trade show spending. For example,

  1. Personalized follow-up – A prompt, personalized follow-up within 2-to-3 days of the show
  2. Lead routing – Be astute about which leads gets routed to Sales immediately and which need nurturing
  3. Tracking – Encode the trade show as a lead source within your CRM to eventually track Show ROI

You probably already know this. But have you considered the role of marketing automation in your trade show strategy? A marketing automation platform will allow a personalized journey at scale coupled with the ability to track and score engagements. This becomes instrumental in analyzing the true ROI for the show.

ROI Requires Insights on Leads

The more you can learn about the leads the better. Offer an incentive for leads to complete a quick one- or two-question survey that will help you know where they are at in the buying cycle. Also provide an easy way for booth workers to enter notes about a contact they speak with at the show.

For more ideas on how to boost trade show ROI with CRM best practices, get our free Capturing Data white paper. This report is full of tips and tricks to capture essential prospect data to result in a prospect-driven personalized conversation. Or, if you prefer, Contact Us to start a conversation about how to optimize your lead capture process.


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