Fun Finds Friday: Brains and Sound

I caught a fun Short Wave episode (NPR) recently and got to listen to how music sounds in other...

Fun Finds Friday: Transformer Telescope

  In our Fun Finds Friday posts, I share quirky news items. I especially enjoy sharing amazing feats of...

Fun Finds Friday: Saving Giant Sequoias

How much tin foil does it take to wrap a tree that measures 102.6 ft around at the base?...

Fun Finds Friday: Timeless Beauty

  Visual Communicators As National Geographic photographer Steven Alvarez said, “At our core, people are visual communicators.”  He pointed...

Fun Finds Friday: Elemental Innovation

Remember the periodic table of elements? This table reached its 150th birthday in 2019, yet it remains, well, essential...

Fun Finds Friday: Next Generation Spacesuits

Concept image of an Artemis astronaut stepping onto the lunar surface.   NASA Needs New Spacesuits to Return to...
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