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“Content Intelligence” is the new SEO Powerhouse Driving Enormous Increases in Website Traffic

Artifficial Intelligence Stands Out as the Fastest Growing Sales TechnologyYou may have seen our posts on setting content goals, the buyer’s journey, prospect engagement, and more. Today we’re focused on content strategy for industrial manufacturing. Specifically, how the fastest growing technology in marketing: Artificial Intelligence, or AI is changing content.

Content writing may seem old fashioned in the fast-paced, data-rich field of digital marketing. After all, it’s so human. A writer drafts content and places it online. That seems pretty low-tech for 2021. But industrial manufacturing marketing content is starting to go high-tech with AI.

AI Use in Sales-Driven Marketing

AI has been around with chat bots and other marketing tools for some time. Now, AI for content marketing is the latest hot technology. And AI is what’s behind the marketing term: “content intelligence.”

What is content intelligence?

Simply put, it’s systems and software. AI combines and analyzes content data with business data. Then, it generates content recommendations that match your business goals. Through data-driven content, leads and conversions expand dramatically.

What to Expect from AI Content Intelligence

In short, expect better results. One company saw monthly website visitors increase from 4,000 a month to 400,000 after implementing AI for content generation. And that increase wasn’t noise. The website ranked high on Google search results and attracted users in the target market.

How does it work?

  • Instead of manually tracking and analyzing keyword analytics, you let an AI system do that work for you.
  • It empowers marketers to scale up production of content that reliably reaches their target audience.
  • AI will track down and report on high-value topics your company needs to talk about.
  • You get SEO recommendations tailored to your audience.

So how do you improve your content strategy for industrial manufacturing through AI technology? We would be happy to talk with you about enhancing your content marketing with data-driven SEO solutions. Contact us to get started, let’s talk!

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