‘Do more with less’- Automate Inside Sales & Marketing

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‘Do more with less’- Automate Inside Sales & Marketing

‘Do more with less’ – Automate Inside Sales & Marketing

Technology platforms like Marketing Automation enable an SMB to create virtual resources, for instance:

  • Inside Sales – Lead generation, lead qualification, etc.
  • Sales – Sales follow-up for RFQ/RFPs, lead nurture over a period of time, etc.
  • Customer Service – On-boarding, exposing cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, etc.

Further, these platforms add a layer of transparency by mapping every dollar spent on marketing & sales to revenues generated. These platforms have evened the playing field for SMBs to compete with the enterprises.

Connecting marketing automation to ROI:

eMarketer’s latest findings suggest companies using marketing automation experience significantly higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and employee productivity.  For example, a company utilizing marketing automation experienced almost 20% higher revenue plan attainment compared to a company using traditional methods.

Investing in marketing technology is a great decision for any business. It is a simple and organized way to streamline your processes, align sales with marketing, and increase revenue.

Stay tuned for future posts on selecting the right marketing automation software for you, and how to correctly utilize it for your business!

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