Fun Finds Friday: 3-D-Printed Houses

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Habitat for Humanity’s New High-Tech Solution for Affordable Housing

image shows the 3-D-Printed house that Alquist 3D developed for a Habitat for Humanity project

Ever think that watching a house being build would be like “watching toothpaste getting squeezed from a tube”?

Neither did Habitat for Humanity homeowner April Stringfield. But as she watched a computer-guided nozzle print her home using concrete, the toothpaste comparison is what came to mind.

Iowa company, Alquist 3D developed this new homebuilding method. According to company founder Zack Mannheimer, Alquist 3D’s goal is “to help solve the housing crisis in America.”

For Hotel Housekeeper, 3-D-Printed Home Is a Dream Come True

Stringfield, who works as a hotel housekeeper, had dreamed of owning a home with a yard for son to play in for years. In December 2021, she and her 13-year-old son, Azayveon, slept in their new home for the first time.

The house in Williamsburg, Va. is the first 3-D-printed house built by Habitat for Humanity, but another is underway in Tempe, Az.

How Does a 3-D-Printed House Get Built?

A 3-D printer nozzle traveled back and forth along a circuit to build the foundation and walls. Janet V. Green, the CEO for Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg provided some amazing details to the press.

Habitat’s 3-D-Printed House by the Numbers

  • 1,200 square foot home
  • 29 hours to build the walls
  • 167 one-inch layers of concrete for the foundation
  • Computer-generated design leaves spaces for windows and doors
  • Costs 15% less to build than a similar wooden home
  • Completed about in about 3 months – a month less than a similar wooden frame home

Surprisingly, some interior parts, like switch-plates, are also 3-D-printed.

Making Housing More Affordable

Green said 3-D-printed homes “could be a game-changer” for America.

Some people may hesitate at buying a concrete home even though they are highly energy efficient. Once painted, though, the homes have good curbside appeal. Stringfield grew up in a concrete home, so, for her, it was a perfect fit.

Still curious? Read more of the story at Alquist 3D.

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