Fun Finds Friday: Adding Sound to the Mix

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NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Get Heard for the First Time on Mars

Take a Listen!

NASA released a video that includes audio of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter in flight, and audience engagement with their video soared far above previous videos. This was the first time audio of the helicopter on Mars was captured.

Take a listen to the hum of Ingenuity’s blades turning over 2,537 revolutions per minute. Notice what a difference the addition of audio makes in the awe and excitement around this historic event. As I watched this, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the importance of audio in marketing.

What a Difference Audio Makes

This video achieved 145,531 views in the first 9 hours. In contrast, NASA’s other video about the fourth flight of the Ingenuity helicopter has achieved only 69,000 views in a week! The opportunity the hear something unique and new has grabbed the attention of a wider audience.

Why Audio Matters for Manufacturing Marketing, Too

In marketing, we sometimes get so focused on the visual experience that we neglect the auditory part of the message. Yet, sonic branding or auditory marketing has long been a key part of brand identity. Think of the theme music for your favorite TV or radio program. It’s an integral part of the show’s brand.

Sound perception happens more passively than visual perception. We take in the sounds around us, and they affect us below our conscious awareness. Also, sound is heavily tied to emotion and memory.

Appealing to your audience’s emotions and fond associations helps you keep them engaged. It also conveys subtle messages about values and quality. How is the audio quality in the video you made for social media? What about music in the background? What is that saying?

But this is a Fun Finds Friday post, so I will stop before I get too far into marketing tactics. This example from NASA just got me thinking about the importance of audio in marketing in a new way.

You can learn more about the Ingenuity project and watch more videos on NASA’s Mars Helicopter blog. Here at StratMg, we wish you an outstanding weekend! And, as always, we invite you to get in touch with your industrial manufacturing marketing questions.


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video credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory YouTube Channel



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