Fun Finds Friday: Elemental Innovation

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The Role of Elemental Metals in Clean Innovation

Flat bottom of Erlenmeyer flask magifies part of the periodic table of elements

Remember the periodic table of elements? This table reached its 150th birthday in 2019, yet it remains, well, essential to understanding manufacturing innovation.

A Majority of Metals

Among these atomic building blocks of the universe, consider the numerous metals. In fact, metals make up the majority of the elements in the periodic table. The unique properties of each element make it more or less valuable across various applications.

Praise for the PGMs

The platinum group metals (PGMs), for example, have enabled innovation in not only medications and medical devices, but also automobile parts manufacturing. Catalytic converters require palladium and rhodium. Ruthenium and also feeds many industrially important chemical reactions.

Innovating for Cleaner Air

It takes incredible skill and expertise to successfully use elements to innovate industrial applications.

One of the challenges in the development of electric vehicles had to do with the scarcity of cobalt. Then, innovators developed the eLNO battery cathode material technology to minimize the amount of cobalt.

Innovations like the catalytic converter and next-generation lithium-ion batteries protect our air and provide for a cleaner, clearer world.

So, next time you’re passing by some machinery component, pause a moment to think about the elements that went into building it!


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