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New AI-based Interactive Learning Solution Opens Opportunities for Hiring English Language Learners

EnGen expands manufacturing workforce pool through effective, workplace-specific online instruction for English Language Learners

With the current manufacturing workforce challenges, wouldn’t it be great to expand the pool of potential employees? Unfortunately, lack of English language skills presents a major barrier to some immigrants interesting in joining the workforce.

EnGen founder and Chief Education Officer, Katie Brown, recognized the problem and decided to do something about it. Brown holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and has spent decades teaching and studying how adults learn new languages. She holds ten patents on the technology that went into developing EnGen.

Win-Win for Manufacturing Employers and English Language Learners

The EnGen program delivers AI-driven language learning at scale. Brown set out to build an efficient, effective, and entertaining online language program, and all evidence indicates she succeeded.

Here at StratMg, we love results, so let’s look at the evidence!

According to IndustryWeek reporting, in 2021, 550 EnGen learners gave the following responses to a survey:

  • 80% said EnGen enabled them to achieve their real-world career goals
  • 59% of learners improved their communication with colleagues
  • 16% received a new job offer
  • 11% received a pay raise
  • 10% received a promotion
  • 80% of learners said improving their English helped them save time at work

It’s easy to see that the increased productivity and tangible results for employees makes the EnGen program as a win-win for both employers and English language learners.

The company has produced customized modules to fit industry needs, including one for manufacturing.

Learning Modules Built for Industrial Safety

Manufacturing training modules address topics such as

  • Industry safety
  • Warehouse machinery
  • E-commerce warehousing
  • Workplace health
  • Manufacturing basics
  • Management and leadership
  • Working with data


The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the immigrant population in the U.S. has reached 46.2 million. English proficiency levels among immigrants can be hard to measure.

However, the current programs do not meet demand. In fact, according to the EnGen website, “only 4% of adult English learners in the U.S. have access to ESL instruction.”

With EnGen, more prospective employees will be able to participate in the manufacturing workforce pool. And that’s near and dear to our mission to create and save manufacturing jobs in the US through consistent long-term sales growth.

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