Fun Finds Friday: Flying Cars Coming in 2023

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The AeroMobil is scheduled for takeoff as early as 2023! The company began testing the final design in September of 2020. The car industry evolution continues with the dramatic step of making flying cars a reality.

With the AeroMobil soon to be on the market, you can watch history in the making.

Inspired by the mythical winged horse Pegasus, the AeroMobil features wings that allow the vehicle to fly.

What’s the Technology Behind it?

Engineers and designers put in over 350,000 hours during development. Pilots and ground crews have conducted over 10,000 hours of flight tests.

The latest version includes groundbreaking technology developments that allow the AeroMobil to seamlessly transform from ground transport into aircraft in less than three minutes.

Automotive and aerospace elements include advanced materials, luxury features, and impeccable styling. The company integrated passenger safety innovation as well.

Look out for Flying Cars in 2023!

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Image credit: Aeromobil

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