Fun Finds Friday: Doug the Potato

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A large potato sits on a kitchen sink at Donna and Colin Craig-Brown's home near Hamilton, N.Z., Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. The New Zealand couple dug up a potato the size of a small dog in their backyard and have applied for recognition from Guinness World Records. They say it weighed in at 7.9 kg, well above the current record of just under 5 kg. They've named the potato Doug, because they dug it up.  Donna Craig-Brown via AP


Big—make that huge—news from the land of Kiwis!

A New Zealand couple, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, recently harvested a potato weighing 17.4 pounds (7.9 kilograms). Yes, the potato, playfully named Doug, weighs about the same as small dog.

The best part: They weren’t even trying to grow the giant potato!

Colin discovered the potato in a weedy, uncultivated patch in their garden. They last grew cucumbers in the spot where Colin found the enormous potato.

It’s a Mystery

The couple are puzzled about how it got there and how long it has been growing. It’s possible that “Doug” the potato has been quietly getting bigger underground for a couple years.

“It’s a mystery to me,” Colin said. “It’s one of nature’s little pleasant surprises.”

How Ideas Are Like Potatoes (Bear with Me)

I chose to share this story because it made me realize that sometimes ideas can be like Doug the potato. We don’t know where ideas come from or how they get started.

It seems like big ideas appear fully formed out of nowhere. We go about our business, nurturing the “gardens” of our minds, and ideas grow while we’re busy getting lunch or driving our cars. And they often grow best when unforced, when left alone to mature.

Where ideas come from is a mystery not fully solved by science (as far as I know). But let’s be clear, this post is mostly about a dog-sized potato. When I saw the story, it seemed just ridiculous enough for a Fun Finds Friday post.

Enjoy your weekend! I will be back on Monday with a fresh post on industrial manufacturing.

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Photo: Donna Craig-Brown via AP

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