Fun Finds Friday: Hands-Free Sneakers!

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Nike monetizes ease-of-use, do you?


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We all know about hands-free mobile communication devices, but now Nike has developed completely hands-free sneakers.

Nike’s newly unveiled Go FlyEase sneakers not only lack shoelaces but can be stepped into easily for a completely hands-free user experience. The shoes are intentionally designed to respond to specific foot motions that enable wearers to put them on and take them off without assistance.

Why? Most likely Nike did some market research and found there was a demand. I know people who could use this shoe! The first market segment that came to mind was people with physical challenges that make putting sneakers on and off difficult. In their release Nike identified a much broader market. Ease sells!

As manufacturers and engineers, you breathe innovation.  The bigger question is how easy do you make it for your prospects to leverage it?

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image credit: Nike


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