Fun Finds Friday: Happy New Year!

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Wishing You and Yours Joy with 3 Tips for a Fun Start to the New Year!

Here at StratMg, we’re finding ways to celebrate the New Year with friends and family despite the lingering pandemic.

I searched for a variety of fun tips and selected these three to share with you, our business friends and readers.

History of Watching “Time Balls” Drop

Did you know that watching a ball drop to mark time goes back to at least 1833?

Back then, at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich England, a “time ball” would drop every day at 1pm. This daily occurrence allowed ship navigators to set their chronometers, a vital instrument of navigation. 

It seems like now watching the ball – or other object – drop on New Year’s Eve helps us set our time pieces, too. Individually and as groups, we mark the year’s passage with a combination of solemnity and play.

With that in mind, here are 3 ideas for a fun New Year’s gathering from our family to yours! 

3 Tips for a Fun Start to the New Year

1. Watch something fun drop! (Here are some wild options to consider in addition to the ball in Times Square)

  • Guitar drop in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Giant Acorn Drop in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Electric Moon Pie Drop in Mobile, Alabama
  • Peach Drop in Atlanta, Georgia


2. Bring some luck to your New Year!

  • Eat grapes as the clock strikes midnight. (Eat one grape for each strike of the clock at midnight!)
  • Wear dots or circles
  • Jump at midnight
  • Other world traditions for luck in the New Year


3. Hold a games marathon!

  • Choose board games and/or video games
  • Share the fun with a small group in person or online
  • Play shorter board games like Jenga, Uno, Battleship, Guess Who, Connect Four and Scrabble
  • Try these 7 virtual games for sharing with friends and family online

What other ways do you celebrate the New Year? Ringing bells? Blowing horns? A kiss? Maybe you sleep through the midnight hour and greet the new year at dawn.  

However and wherever you find yourself in the New Year, may it bring you joy! Tweet us your ideas for a fun start to the New Year!


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