Fun Finds Friday: High-Tech Speed for Olympic Runners

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Is technology making runners faster? 

high tech Olympic running track 2021


Innovative technology at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics may be behind some of the record-breaking speeds we’ve seen in runners this year.

A Running Track Like No Other

Installed back in 2019, the Olympic brick-red track in Tokyo features groundbreaking technology, designed by the manufacturer, Mondo. As a company, Mondo brings experience to track design and manufacturing, having provided tracks for 12 Olympic Games.

How It Works

This year’s track features a polymeric system of vulcanized three-dimensional rubber granules. The vulcanization process produces a tight molecular bond between the granules, making a highly compact running surface layer.

The track is also very bouncy due to the elasticity of the rubber. A layer of air-filled cavities allows for shock absorption and immediate kinetic response.

Some claim that the advanced technology results in a faster track for runners.

Olympic-Record Times Captured on the Track

The smooth and bouncy surface has seen runners breaking record times. Elaine Thompson-Herah, a Jamaican sprinter, broke the Olympic record in the women’s 100-meter race.

Shoe Technology Also Fueling Speed

Moreover, new shoe technological advancements also contribute to the success of athletes. Nike’s Vaporfly and Alphafly models feature carbon-plated technology that has proved to decrease runners times. Adidas Adios Pro carbon shoes are also contributing to these historic records.

From distance runners to sprinters, the Tokyo Olympics continues to see faster times than ever with innovative technology. Read more about the high-tech behind fast running. Keep an eye out for the latest tech when watching video from the 2021 Olympic Games!

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