Fun Finds Friday: Printing Press Meets TikTok

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An octogenarian with a 150-year-old press got over 17 million views!

Howard Hatch standing next to historic printing press at Sacramento History Museum

Here’s the latest example of how unpredictable social media stardom can be! Videos of a museum docent and antique printing presses have made the Sacramento History Museum the most popular museum account in the world on TikTok (a video-sharing app).

Howard Hatch, an octogenarian who has worked at the museum for 22 years, has been releasing video demonstrations of historic presses in action. These videos have gone viral and received millions of views. The most watched video is of a Washington Hand Press from 1852, and it has over 17 million views!

Hatch, formerly only known and loved locally, has advanced to status as “a national treasure.” The TikTok account now has twice as many followers as the population of Sacramento. “Howard the Printer” has become so popular that the museum now sells branded merchandise, fundraising off this viral social media triumph.

Read the full story of Howard Hatch’s TikTok success online at National Public Radio’s article or at The Washington Post.

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(photo credit: Sacramento History Museum)

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