Fun Finds Friday: Maple Syrup Reserves

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Strategic Reserves Will Ensure Tasty Pancakes this Winter

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We’ve all heard of strategic petroleum reserves, but news this week featured maple syrup reserves. 50 million pounds of maple syrup is being released from the reserve in Canada.

Variable Yields Make for Uncertain Supply

As a natural resource tapped from maple trees, maple syrup production depends on weather. Some years produce more than other years. This year was a poor year due to a short and warm Spring.

Changing Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Businesses have seen so many changes in consumer behavior the past couple years. One of the unexpected shifts occurred around maple syrup purchasing patterns.

Worldwide demand for natural maple syrup jumped 21%, according to Bloomberg.

Match poor yields with rising demand, and the industry faced challenging conditions.

Assurances from Industry Spokesperson

“That’s why the reserve is made, to never miss maple syrup. And we won’t miss maple syrup!” said Helene Normandin, the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers’ communications director.

In addition to drawing from the strategic reserve this year, plans to expand production are in place. The maple syrup industry in Canada will tap 7 million more trees in the coming years to keep up with demand for the region’s “liquid gold.”

So, if your family enjoys pancakes and waffles, keep pouring on the maple syrup and thank the strategic foresight of the industry! Whether it’s pancakes fresh off the griddle or other comforts, we wish you a great week!

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