Fun Finds Friday: Mid-Sized Manufacturer Wins Georgia Exporter of the Year!

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PureAIR Filtration products make the air safe for people, electronics, art, and more

Mid-sized manufacturer PureAIR Filtration wins 2022 GLOBE Award from Georgia Department of Economic Development

Pictured: The PureAIR Filtration team receives 2022 GLOBE Award for international business expansion. (From the company LinkedIn Page.)


Mid-sized manufacturer PureAIR Filtration won Georgia Exporter of the Year! The company was also one of 25 companies that received recognition as a 2022 GLOBE Award winner.

Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers Win Big in 2022

The 2022 GLOBE Award from the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) “highlights Georgia companies that expanded sales to new international markets in the previous year” according to the press release.

Small businesses shone through in this year’s international business competition. The GDEcD reported that “80% of this year’s winners are small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.”

Essential Products Manufacturer

We’ve all become more aware of how important safe, clean air is for all of us to breathe. We can thank manufacturers like PureAIR Filtration systems for developing solutions to help keep us safe!

For example, PureAIR Filtration developed an antimicrobial filter fabric in collaboration with Noble Biomaterials. The FiberShield™ filter fights viruses and bacteria when installed in HVAC systems.

The company also developed Microbe-sorb, a modified version of their proprietary absorbent material long used in industrial and commercial settings to remove gaseous contaminants. Building on that success, Microbe-sorb helps protect from viruses and bacteria in the air.

Other Applications for PureAIR Filtration systems

PureAIR Filtration produces solutions for removal of corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and odors. Their products provide safe air for people, electronics, historical documents, and priceless works of art. According to their website, they specialize in these applications:

  • Odor and emission control
  • Protecting electronics
  • Indoor air quality
  • Emergency gas removal
  • Biogas

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