Fun Finds Friday: New Silicone Foam for EV Batteries & Electronics

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Virginia manufacturer, The CHT Group, recently introduced a new silicone foam that meets requirements for EV batteries, electronic components, and other high-demand applications

Congratulations to Virginia manufacturer CHT on the introduction of a new silicone foam perfect for EV batteries, electronic components, and other sensitive applications.

CHT’s new silicone foam solution, the SilSo Lite 21025, meets the requirements of manufacturers making electronic components, EV batteries, and other highly technical products.

We heard about CHT by reviewing the case studies on the GenEdge Alliance manufacturing extension partner website. We’re always watching for innovative manufacturing stories to share, and we wanted to pass this along!

Benefits of the New Silicone Foam SilSo Lite 21025 from CHT

According to the CHT press release, the new silicone foam provides the following benefits:

  • Meets reduced weight criteria
  • Mitigates thermal runaway
  • Provides protection from moisture, debris, vibration and shock
  • Delivers on low smoke, flame, and toxicity requirements
  • Ensures fast gel time for increased production throughput – full cure time is about 10 minutes!
  • Allows for primerless adhesion on many substrates

Meeting Challenging Performance Criteria & Sustainability Requirements

Phil McDermott, Chief Technology Officer at CHT USA shared this statement about the product in a news release: “These materials are designed to meet challenging performance criteria while keeping sustainability as a key design factor.”

Here at StratMg, we congratulate Virginia manufacturer The CHT Group on their success launch of the SilSo Lite 21025! Read more about the SilSo Lite 21025 in the press release from CHT!

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