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Travel continues to evolve at a rapid pace!

Reduced air travel and closed borders are just a few ways travelers have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. New ways to travel have emerged as travel begins to get back to normal in the post-Covid era.

Factors of safety, privacy, and seclusion have become extremely important for travelers. We recently found this Forbes article that outlines the growth of new ways to vacation in the travel industry.

Secluded Stays:

Destinations that offer a retreat from society are popular now more than ever before. Private houses in remote locations allow for solitary experiences across the globe.

Luxurious Remote Resorts:

Booming demand translates to a flourishing luxury travel industry. Travelers who can afford luxurious getaways will pay top dollar to avoid crowded places.

Extended Stays:

Travelers now prefer fewer, longer trips over many, shorter vacations. Behind this trend: the combined desires to avoid travel hassles and risks while maximizing trip enjoyment.

Overall, changes to the travel industry have increased sustainability. This is because people are being more mindful about how often they travel. Travelers increasingly place more value on quality over quantity.

Industries continue to evolve and grow daily. To stay up-to-date with the latest trends, get in touch with StratMg!


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