Fun Finds Friday: Novel Brain Imaging Device

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Colorado manufacturer FieldLine Inc. Developed a Wearable Device to Measure and Map Brain Activity

Smiling child wearing a HEDscan system helmet by Colorado Manufacturer FieldLine.

Colorado manufacturer FieldLine Inc. recently received a $250,000 grant through the Advanced Industries Accelerator (AIA) Program. According to the company website, FieldLine HEDscan system is a non-invasive, wearable Magnetoencephalography (MEG) device with proprietary optically-pumped magnetometer (OPM) sensor technology.

MEG processes evaluate the magnetic fields produced by electric currents in the brain. The Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade called the sensors “quantum sensors” in the grant award announcement.

What’s So Amazing About the FieldLine HEDscan Device?

  • Non-invasive brain imaging device that is easy to wear and offers an improved high-resolution view of the inner workings of the brain.
  • Unlike existing head scanning imaging technology, HEDscan is a mobile, wearable device.
  • HEDscan records and maps neural activity with high fidelity at a fraction of the typical cost.
  • The new technology will transform MEG from a powerful, yet obscure imaging modality to a mobile and versatile tool.
  • It has the potential to vastly expand access to head scans due to its low cost and small size.
  • The lightweight HEDscan helmets can accommodate people of all ages and head sizes.


A Vastly Larger Market Size for Colorado Manufacturer

Unlike previous MEG equipment, which is typically housed inside a magnetically shielded room, the FieldLine HEDscan system can be used in any room of any medical facility, without the need for expensive building modifications.

This flexibility not only benefits patients in need of medical evaluation, it also gives Colorado manufacturer FieldLine Inc. a tremendous B2B marketing advantage. The device can be placed in nearly every hospital or clinic around the world.

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