Fun Finds Friday: Return of Fruehauf Trailer Manufacturing to Kentucky

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Kentucky legacy manufacturer traces 100 years of history back to semi-trailer inventor August Charles Fruehauf


The return of Fruehauf trailer manufacturing impacts are shown along with an image of a semi-trailer truck driving on a road with snow-capped mountains in the background.

Kentucky is celebrating the return of Fruehauf trailer manufacturing to the state after 25 years of its absence! The re-launch of Fruehauf manufacturing in Kentucky brings great opportunities for the company and the state.

Results of the return of Fruehauf to Kentucky

What are the quantifiable benefits of the return of Fruehauf trailer manufacturing to the state? The following highlights from a article will give you some idea of the impacts.

  • Frauhauf facility generated a $12-million investment in U.S. production.
  • Re-launch will create nearly 300 jobs.
  • 5,000 trailers will be produced per year in new 125,000 sq. ft. Bowling Green facility.
  • Combined with 8,000 trailers per year made in Mexico, this launch will position Fruehauf as a “top five” North American manufacturer.
  • Frauhauf will further Kentucky’s reputation as a “logistics capital” in the U.S.

Appreciation for the Fruehauf brand

Originally founded in 1918, the company traces its roots to August Charles Fruehauf who invented and first commercialized semi-trailers. Sold in 1996 due to market downturns, the company passed through several transitions over the past 25 years. Mexico-based Grupo Fultra currently owns Fruehauf Inc.

A crowd gathered at the June 2022 ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the return of Fruehauf trailer manufacturing to Kentucky.

Fruehauf president Tom Wiseman said, “When we first announced that we were bringing the Fruehauf product back into the U.S. market, it was amazing how many ‘Fruehaufers’ contacted us and were very appreciative that the product was going to be built and offered again here.”

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear called Fruehauf “foundational” and “one of the most important businesses in the entire history of commerce and trade.”

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