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30,000 Plus Years' Old Paintings Still Inspire Awe

The Horse Panel of Chauvet right side as posted by ancientartachive on Instagram


Visual Communicators

As National Geographic photographer Steven Alvarez said, “At our core, people are visual communicators.”  He pointed to the ancient cave art of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc in Ardeche, France, as a prime example.

More than mere visual communicators, we also find fulfillment in beauty. We experience joy and delight in excellence.

This portion of the Horse Panel of Chauvet shows the lesser-known right side. It features painted reindeer that are over 30,000 years old.


Human Connection Through Art

I feel connected with the people of that time by this art. It’s beauty has endured tens of thousands of years, and it still captures the human imagination. It still fills us with awe and amazement.

The artist who painted this panel used a natural rock partition to separate the reindeer shown here from the more famous horses.

You can see the horses and more about this beautiful ancient cave painting in the article by Alvaez, “Shooting Chauvet.”


Pause to Appreciate Beauty & Excellence

Marketing relies on the power of visual communication, too. I encourage you to make some time this weekend to pause and find inspiration in beauty.

Remember to notice and delight in excellence in your business and throughout life.

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