Industrial Manufacturing: Social Media 101

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LinkedIn & Facebook for Manufacturing Companies

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Even in 2020, many B2B marketers, especially manufacturers, struggle with their social media strategy. In fact, just the other day a client inquired about launching an Instagram page, while still in the early stages of establishing their LinkedIn and Facebook presence. Our guidance was consistent; do little and do it well. In fact, that is one of our five keys to success:

  1. Effectively optimize one channel before launching another.
  2. Not all channels are equal opportunities. There are differences. Learn & leverage them.
  3. For you B2B marketers, LinkedIn and Facebook remain the most effective channels.
  4. Content matters. Make it entertaining, personal & most important – relevant.
  5. Engage with your audience – listen, respond, discuss, etc. Build a relationship – it is called social media for a reason.

We appreciate it is a simple message. But yes, social media is a viable and valuable platform. It allows an opportunity to establish a relationship by positioning your brand to be a trusted partner. The higher the trust you develop, the higher the likelihood of quality lead generation.


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