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$3.1 Million in Seed Funding Sets Blue Line Battery, a Beloit Battery Manufacturer on the Path Toward Unicorn Status

Wisconsin manufacturing startup success story Blue Line Batteries

What does “unicorn” mean in the world of startups? A “unicorn” is a privately-held startup valued at over $1 billion. And according to MKE Startup News, Blue Line Battery, a Wisconsin manufacturing startup success may be poised to become a unicorn.

Unicorn Status in Sight for 2015 Startup?

Founder and CEO of this Beloit, Wisconsin based company, Dustin Herte would not confirm or deny industry insider rumors. However, in a recent interview he acknowledged that “24 to 36 months is totally reasonable for (Blue Line) being a unicorn.”

That’s a remarkable timeline for a company founded in 2015. Just this month, March 2022, they achieved a $3.1 million seed funding round goal.

What Sets Blue Line Batteries Apart as a Manufacturing Startup?

  • Blue Line offers next generation lithium-ion batteries for industrial equipment such as powered trucks, forklifts, pallet jacks, & other electronic vehicles.
  • Over 90% of industrial batteries in use today are lead acid, an older, less efficient technology.
  • Lithium-ion batteries charge faster and use 25% less electricity for the same job because they don’t get hot when they charge.
  • Blue Line batteries are safer to operate in industrial environments.
  • As a bonus, Blue Line batteries have a patented modular design to make them easier to service in the field.

Manufacturing Growth Due to Team and Technology

Blue Line CEO Herte credits the company’s success to the team of founders and their employees as much as their innovative battery technology. He cites their ability to listen to feedback and rapidly make improvements as a key differentiator.

Herte said, “Today we’re making a killer product. But it was because we listened.”

Read the full article by Startup Storyteller Anna Lardinois and check out more about Blue Line Batteries on their website.

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