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Hello, We Are StratMG

StratMarketing Group is a passionate group of marketing experts who eat, sleep and breathe marketing! We persevere to unambiguously position your Marketing team into a revenue center. Our mission is accomplished when Sales and Executive Management fully restore the glory in marketing and show acts of "kindness" like increasing your budget, trusting your decisions, you get the point ....

The team

What We Thrive On

transparency, accountability, agility

Our History

we are a fast growing, yet personable, marketing services team with over three decades of experience specializing in:

  • Demand Generation
  • Funnel Management
  • Sales Enablement

Our Core Driver

we love what we do

Our Bandwidth

we bite off what we can chew

Who We Are

your strategic partner and trusted ally

Our Culture

we flex with your needs

Our Success

your success
(our compensation aligns to your success)

We're Proud Of


Our Mission
Create multi-wave digital experiences powered by qualitative and quantitative data through: actionable insights, effective systems, marketing metrics, and the right people.
Now to the Good Stuff!!

Keep Going

What Can StratMG Do For You?

We firmly believe that no two businesses are the same and thus all of our work is custom suited for your needs.

StratMG believes a marketing team can be just as much a revenue center as a sales team, and accomplishing this requires a strategic go-to-market approach.

Strategy Pic

StratMG's core differentiator is its unique approach. Beginning with a detailed Needs Analysis Audit, StratMG formulates a custom strategic roadmap linked to in-house intellectual and human capital, then ties the deliverables to business objectives. The results of which provide an unambiguous view of the value added. StratMG offers a sound strategy grounded in marketing fundamentals. We leverage our unique blend of industry know-how and demand generation best practices coupled with the latest marketing technologies to deliver a congruent, metrics-based and insight-driven go-to-market plan. Our plan addresses the five most important questions:

Who? Market Size, Prospect Database Build, Personas, Segmentation

What? Content and Messaging that engages the target audience

How? Personalized communication using best of breed technologies

Where? Optimal channel allocation to reach the target audience

Why? Real-time reporting to drive insights on resonating messages, ROI, etc.


At StratMG, our demand generation capabilities extend beyond basic marketing automation and into the entire digital marketing ecosystem. We pride ourselves in being Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs). Our extensive experience allows us to leverage our clients existing infrastructure while adding new technologies necessary to meet business objectives and affording future scalability. We craft custom marketing solutions that quantifiably map outcomes to those objectives.

Our team’s cross functional expertise in marketing fundamentals, industry know-how, and technical savvy has given us the business intelligence to deploy complimentary, integrated platforms. We remain vendor agnostic while evaluating the needs of your business and the best technologies to suit your unique requirements. We can help you create a unified user experience by utilizing existing Technology infrastructure and integrating complimentary technology(s).

Finally, through technology, we enable a metrics-based system that drives real-time insights. This not only optimizes the prospect journey but also generates quantifiable Return on Marketing Investments.


Report Card

It is imperative for a marketing organization to quantify its own progress, both, with respect to its own past performance and against industry standards. Key areas for a marketing organization to measure are:

StratMG, with its thorough knowledge of marketing best practices coupled with its technical savvy is uniquely placed to help create a metrics-based infrastructure that allows an organization to monitor its performance and quantify its success.


Data is becoming the backbone of all marketing organizations. Marketers must lead with data and insights. Understanding what kind of data is worth tracking and how it moves the needle towards achieving business objectives is becoming increasingly more critical.

StratMG uses analytics to drive insights that result in more meaningful conversations with prospects. Whether it is:

StratMG creates a metrics-driven approach that allows our clients to gauge the success of their marketing. Results...Period.


The anatomy of a marketing team today consists of a strategic thinker, a technology administrator, an analyst, a social media expert, a campaign manager, a brand manager, a creative designer, the list goes on… StratMG will complete your arsenal, fill in the gaps, and become an extension of the staff and expertise you already have in-house without the overhead and risk of hiring additional employees.

Technology as a Service

StratMG provides an on-demand set of skills that help manage your marketing automation platform to enable quantifiable results. Coupled with its industry know-how and proven resources, StratMG can adapt the technology platform to your environment and integrate it into existing infrastructure, thereby generating a holistic view of a prospect journey.

We are:

Just a Few of Our Optimized Brands
We aim to WOW you with our RESULTS

Our proven metrics-driven approach to demand generation has delivered successful and quantifiable results to a myriad of happy companies of all shapes and sizes. We are passionate about your success and ensure we focus on delivering the “best” to you! Our obsession with marketing and our never-ending commitment to quality has resulted in more happy clients than we had ever imagined!

Overheard at the Pub
"StratMG is a trusted extension of our team for over a year now. From building complex multi-track nurture campaigns in Eloqua, implementing CRM integrations, rolling out Discover and Engage, to providing us with best practice advice on lead management – StratMG always delivers. Their technical depth with marketing automation allows us to push the envelope. We like the fact that they always put results front and center for all our discussions to ensure we are headed in the right direction" - Steve Thompson, Assistant Vice-President, California Casualty
"StratMG made an effort to understand our business, our challenges and our goals. Couple that with their impressive knowledge of marketing best practices, they delivered a strategy that has helped us develop and implement our go-to-market plan. They kept us on target with a quantifiable strategy plan that provided an excellent return on our investment. In addition, they have never tried to over-sell us on anything. We have the utmost confidence and trust in them" - Donald Rudnick, President, NFi
"I really enjoy working with the team. They are strategic, intelligent and responsive." - Charlene Vaughn, CEO, The Algonquin Group
"We work with StratMG for two main reasons – their depth of knowledge in best practices around demand generation and the ability to help us execute with relatively quick turnaround times. They make an extra effort to understand our goals, our industry and the strengths/weaknesses of our team to then make recommendations that help us achieve our objectives. We value our partnership with StratMG and look forward to future projects. It’s not about invoices with them, it’s about our results!" - Lisa Moughan, Marketing & Recruitment, Lehigh University
"Working with StratMG, I was immediately impressed with the high level of honesty and integrity—their focus was completely on understanding my needs and challenges and finding the best solution. There was no slight hint that they were trying to sell me something that might or might not actually work for me." - John Nachtrieb, CEO, Barcode-Test

"StratMG knows what's available and what it can do. They have the depth and range of knowledge to know if there is a solution with a good fit for what we need--they are not just trying to get a one-size solution to fit every circumstance.

It would take me years to understand the range of choices--which are constantly changing and evolving. StratMG provides me with that broad spectrum of insight which helps me make the right choice, acquire the right tools and spend my resources on implementation and growing the business, not on thrashing around making false starts."

- John Nachtrieb, CEO, Barcode-Test
"I had the chance of working with StratMarketing Group. They are excellent communicators and have a deep knowledge of the B2B Marketing domain. What struck me most was that they were willing to help and guide me even though our business modules did not exactly match. That is a rare quality and anybody will be lucky to have them as a business partner. Wish them all the best in their future endeavours." - Tapa Jyoti, Affiliate Marketing,
"We have consistently relied on StratMG for customized demand generation best practices that best suit our needs in the short-term while laying the foundation for a sustainable longer-term vision. They are a group of integrity and have kept our interests front and center at all times, even at the cost of walking away from business. It’s a pleasure to work with them." - Vicky Mitchell, SVP Marketing, Briggs Healthcare
"StratMG is so thorough. That is greatness for me. Anyone should feel fortunate to have you looking out for them." - Lisa Lea, Marketing Manager, Allied Electronics
"We have come to rely on StratMG for over a year as an extension of our marketing team. They have optimized our budget allocation and consistently quantify the dollars spent with results achieved. They have instilled and streamlined a metrics-based marketing and sales process to gauge effectiveness at any given point in time. They are a true asset to our team!" - Glen Svenningsen, President, Comfort Audio
Our $0.02
Ramblings on all things strategy…marketing, and everything in between.
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