Sales Growth in Manufacturing

We advocate a holistic approach to organic sales growth. Our process funnels quantifiable short-term traction while laying the foundation for sustained mid-to-long-term growth and success. Our methodology breaks down the sales growth strategy and execution into three easy steps.

Sales growth in manufacturing should rely on a mix of methods to land short-term sales while fostering long-term growth and deep client relationships. With a mix of strategies, your company will build a solid client base that equals increased revenue over time. Our sales strategy for manufacturing companies is simple yet thorough with a holistic approach to creating organic sales growth.

We first focus on helping you make customers by getting your name out there, increasing your visibility, and ensuring potential clients can easily find you. Then, we’ll help you manage your customers by addressing their pain points and positioning yourself as a trusted ally and thought-leader. Finally, we’ll focus on keeping your customers returning and becoming key advocates that are loyal to your company.

With our unique sales strategy for manufacturing, you’ll focus on generating customer retention and qualified new customer leads to boost your client base. By focusing on current customers for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, you increase the lifetime value of current customers while building deep relationships and driving sales growth. By adding new customers into your sales pipeline, you’ll continue to drive your bottom line and promote new growth opportunities. When you put it all together, our strategy results in proven, data-driven sales growth in manufacturing that provides long-term, organic, and consistent growth.

1 Make

The Internet has enabled a smarter customer. Digitial is the new normal. This, in turn, results in a vibrant online marketplace—the biggest tradeshow in the world! The Internet is a perfect forum that presents a level playing field for all—Large or Small companies!

While the channels of communications have shifted over time to a dependence on online tools, the dictum of how our human brain makes decisions has not. We believe Logic drives rational thought but it’s the Emotions that drive actions! These actions, in turn, drive unambiguous results.

Using this principle, our process leverages off-the-shelf technology platforms to help us ‘do more with less.’

We articulate and develop a personalized journey that speaks to the specific needs and pain points of each target segment. In addition, the platforms enable us to track and analyze the effectiveness of the program to ensure a clear Return on Investment.

Make Leads

Manage Leads

Monetize Leads

2 Manage

Our beliefs stem from your customer’s pain points. What used to be the key differentiators, like a family-owned company with a long history, quality manufacturing, short lead times, cost-effective pricing, etc. have now morphed into just a ‘ticket to the game.’ With the advent of technology, your customers are working smarter and as a result, they’re managing many threads simultaneously.

This, in our experience, has mandated a new paradigm for you to develop a competitive advantage—make your customer’s life as easy and predictable as possible by making it...

Easy to Find You

Easy to Work With You

Easy to Buy From You

There are three main reasons to invest conscious effort towards managing your current customers, i.e. customer retention.

Building a Moat

Additional Revenues

Word of Mouth

3 Monetize

Maximizing customer monetization is a critical lever in a holistic sales growth strategy while shoring customer retention. It helps build a competitive advantage while generating additional revenues for your company. Upselling and cross-selling, when done right, will ensure you elevate customers from Apathetic Acquiescent Advocate. Learn More about the types of customers.

Our beliefs dictate there are distinct advantages to cross-sell and upsell at an appropriate time. Key among them are...

Increases Lifetime Value

Builds Deep Relationships

Organic Sales Growth

This is accomplished via a cultural commitment to always ensure we listen to the customer and identify specific contexts and timing where we can help optimize their efforts. If they win, you win!

Our approach is one that commite to learning the ‘Voice of the Customer.’ Listening, tracking and scoring customer engagements generates a tremendous amount of intelligence. This intelligence helps craft a personalized conversation for your customer. This personalized conversation, in turn, enables the identification of an appropriate time and context to pitch a cross-sell or an upsell opportunity.

Our approach is one that commits to learning the ‘Voice of the Customer.’ Listening, tracking and scoring customer engagements generates a tremendous amount of intelligence.
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