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The division was tasked to re-calibrate their go-to-market strategy via launch of new product lines, diversification of sales channels from resellers to direct sales while scaling to double-digit year-over-year growth.

F.N. Smith

The company objective was to help scale revenues in the short-term while building a strong foundation for consistent revenue growth in the longer term.


Armoloy Corporation’s growth strategy included a two-pronged approach – increase market share in the current footprint and target additional segments to drive growth. Further, the solution needed to be modularized enough to be able to replicate across other locations of the company.

Alpha Products

Alpha Products tasked StratMg to develop a strategy to help gain additional market share within the Transportation Industry in the short-term while deliver on a plan for the long-term to enter and establish the company in a new market segment – Heavy Machinery.

VMC Chinese

2020 – a year marred by Covid-19 resulted in the US economy shutdown for months. With a backdrop of unprecedented unemployment rates, failing businesses, etc. the company’s objective was to shore-up the current revenues while charting a sustained sales growth plan.


Lemfco was growing at a predictable rate year-over-year via customer retention and referral business. However, to scale growth efforts at a faster clip they needed to proactively pursue outbound efforts.

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With over a decade of experience in working with hundreds of industrial manufacturing companies, our contribution and results speak for itself.



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