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Relationship Builders!

We help Industrial Manufacturing companies identify and communicate their ‘Purpose’ which results in deeper and meaningful connections. These relationships, over time, are the key drivers to organic sales growth.

As a minority owned business, we understand what it takes to work hard, reach out, listen to the voices of your customers, and provide detailed solutions to address their pain points. From the very beginning of our company to today, we’ve made relationships our number one focus. Whether we’re helping you cultivate relationships with your customers and clients or we’re deepening our working relationship with you to better understand your business, we’re an MBE company that understands the importance of relationship building.

StratMg is a dedicated team of marketers that helps you communicate your purpose to customers and potential clients alike.

Who We Are Not

A Silver Bullet!

The more you can build deep and meaningful relationships, the better you position yourself to become a long-term trusted partner for your client. While sales may drive your bottom line, relationships are what drive sales.

We are proud to be a minority owned business that has learned how to transform the art of relationship building into reliable, steady, and consistent growth for industrial companies of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business of one or one hundred; we can help you create the kind of long-term relationships you need to see your business succeed.

“StratMg has been a trusted extension to our team since 2015. They are proven relationship builders. Their ability to craft personalized journeys for our customers and prospects have allowed us to not only generate consistent & quantifiable sales growth but also do more with less.”

Bill Bielski, Director of Marketing & Sales, Phonak

“StratMg is so thorough. That is greatness for me. Anyone should feel fortunate to have you looking out for them.”

Lisa Lea, Marketing Manager, Allied Electronics

“Simply put, StratMg proved their core philosophy – to position Armoloy to be a partner to our prospects and not just another supplier. Their ability to help us successfully create an identity for Armoloy Corporation as a trusted advisor was instrumental in our sales growth. Their solution has generated a momentum for us and our many franchises across multiple industries, and we intend to keep building on that momentum.”

Jake Meier, Owner & Chief Business Development Officer, Armoloy

“StratMg found a way to develop & deliver on a ‘crawl-walk-run’ strategy that resulted in diversified sales growth for FN Smith. Their integrity & a quantifiable results-oriented approach is the primary catalyst to our successful relationship. They’re a true extension of our sales team.”

Chris Blumhoff, Chief Operating Officer, FN Smith

“StratMg made an effort to understand our business, our challenges and our goals. Couple that with their impressive knowledge of marketing best practices, they delivered a strategy that has helped us develop and implement our go-to-market plan. They kept us on target with a quantifiable strategy plan that provided an excellent return on our investment. In addition, they have never tried to over-sell us on anything. We have the utmost confidence and trust in them”

Donald Rudnick President, NFi

“StratMg is a trusted extension of our team for over 7 years now. From building complex multi-track nurture campaigns in Eloqua, implementing CRM integrations, rolling out Discover and Engage, to providing us with best practice advice on lead management – StratMg always delivers. Their technical depth with marketing automation allows us to push the envelope. We like the fact that they always put results front and center for all our discussions to ensure we are headed in the right direction”

Steve Thompson, Assistant Vice-President Digital Marketing, California Casualty

“I really enjoy working with the team. They are strategic, intelligent and responsive.”

Charlene Vaughn CEO, The Algonquin Group

“We have come to rely on StratMg for years as an extension of our marketing team. They have optimized our budget allocation and consistently quantify the dollars spent with results achieved. They have instilled and streamlined a metrics-based marketing and sales process to gauge effectiveness at any given point in time. They are a true asset to our team!”

Glen Svenningsen, President, Comfort Audio

“We work with StratMg for two main reasons – their depth of knowledge in best practices around demand generation and the ability to help us execute with relatively quick turnaround times. They make an extra effort to understand our goals, our industry and the strengths/weaknesses of our team to then make recommendations that help us achieve our objectives. We value our partnership with StratMG and look forward to future projects. It’s not about invoices with them, it’s about our results!”

Lisa Moughan, Marketing & Recruitment, Lehigh University

“StratMg are excellent listeners – a mark of a great partner!  They took the time to understand our business, our core competencies and value propositions.  Then, based on their learnings, they helped us create a unique identity and positioned us to be trusted advisors to our customers and prospects.  The results-based focus throughout the project was a refreshing change to a typical partner relationship.  I believe that was the key factor that directly corelated to the overall success of the project.  It was a pleasure to work with them indeed.”

Eric Marks, Vice-President Marketing & Sales, Alpha Products

“StratMG exposed sales opportunities in segments we didn’t even have on our radar.  Further, their streamlined process keeps my level of involvement to a minimum.  As a business owner it is important for us to work with experts that are driven by results and are conscious of our time and capital investment.StratMG checks all those boxes for sure!”

Desiree Einsweiler, President, Lemfco

“StratMg uses analytics-driven insights to drive actionable tactical plans.  Their solution has been unambiguously quantifiable and their value-add to our growth strategy – indisputable!”

Bryan Black, Managing Partner, VMC Chinese

“Choosing StratMg as a partner was an easy decision made even easier by what they stand for. StratMg is focused on building relationships, which aligns directly with our company values. Their partnership truly feels like an extension of our own team. Plus, their results-oriented approach meant there were quantifiable results tied to each step of the plan.”

Joe Forbes, Senior Vice President, Versatech
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How We Came About

It is only natural to find solace in our future based on our past successes. That would be rational and logical. However, logic rarely dictates the predictability of human behavior much less life, in general.

Working at one of the largest B2B trade publishers in the United States in 2008, life was good. Correction, it was great! The company had enough brand equity that getting facetime with clients and prospects was a breeze. When we talked, they listened. We had the inherent credibility of working for a global organization – the reputation, the experience, the resources, the capabilities, reference customers, the list just goes on. Our team was surpassing all growth expectations.

Then one day in 2012, 30 seconds changed the course of our lives forever. In an internal company announcement, we learned the mothership was pulling the plug on the entire United States operations. Our bubble burst, we were penalized for things beyond our control. At least that’s how we saw it.

The emotional rush of our beliefs, our convictions was so strong that it became the impetus for the creation of StratMg – a certified Minority Business Enterprise, i.e. an MBE Company.

We learned a valuable lesson that day – logic makes one think but it’s the emotions that make one act! And, actions lead to results!

By driving an emotional connection first in all our touchpoints, we help our clients build a meaningful, yet quantifiable relationship based on trust followed by a rational justification of their credibility. This one principle has enabled us to generate unambiguous results working with hundreds of industrial manufacturing companies, so join us on this journey to experience it first-hand.

We’re StratMg, we believe in Results … Period!

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