Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Automation Platforms 

Streamlining the work of the internal marketing and sales team can make a tremendous impact on a company. One of the most successful ways to implement this is to invest in a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

Creating efficiencies for a team is just one benefit of MAPs, in fact, MAPs have shown:

♦   78% of marketers attribute enhanced revenue contributions to Marketing Automation

♦   80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase

♦   77% saw increased conversion rates due to marketing automation

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) – Our Philosophy

At StratMg, we work with the leading marketing automation companies in the USA to bring solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. In our experience, a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) enables two critical factors to scalable sales growth – 

Before people buy from you, they have to buy into you

Marketing automation platforms give you the capacity to build a personalized digital relationship with your prospects simultaneously, without the time investment to do it manually.

Focus is not about doing less, but rather doing more of what matters most Marketing automation platforms quantify marketing investments to highlight specific initiatives that are working well and those that need recalibration for a team to optimize the budget and scale for growth.

MAP – ‘Do More With Less’

Over the last couple of decades, we have witnessed the sales cycle evolve from in-person relationships to utilizing online resources to short-list potential partners. In essence, our experience shows the buying cycle morphing but NOT the criteria to evaluate a partner.

Our peers within the industrial manufacturing world are experts at building off-line relationships. So it can sometimes be a struggle for leadership to justify the cost of the technology and investment in one of the many email marketing automation companies that can help them build a multi-faceted relationship with their prospects and clients. 

By leveraging a MAP, your company would be able to connect with prospects easily and frequently, all while building a relationship that establishes trust and credibility in your company. 

With StratMg, we help you research and identify email marketing automation companies that will best help you position your company as a trusted partner, not a vendor.

Regardless of how you connect with your end-customer, we advocate building relationships by encouraging – 

♦   Listening

Listen to the needs of your prospect. Become someone they consider as a dependable resource, not a salesperson.

♦   Transparency 

 Always maintain honesty and transparency in every touchpoint – make sure you are predictable and straightforward with what they can expect while working with you.

♦   Accessibility

Be easy to work with and make sure the communications between your customers and your team are seamless. Remember, be an extension of their team, not another vendor. 

Marketing Automation Platforms – Results … Period

Are you ready to see your company ‘Do More With Less?’ When implemented correctly, a MAP becomes an integral part of the marketing infrastructure – with the potential to be the nerve center of all marketing activities.  

Regardless of company size, marketing automation companies in the USA are in the business of offering all companies an enterprise-level customer experience with minimal budget investment. 

Key Benefits of a MAP are – 

Executive Staff

♦   Improved lead conversion and ROI

♦   Shortened sales cycle

♦   Maximize customer lifetime value through cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

♦   Modular Data: Data is easily exportable, yours to keep if you choose to stop using the platform


♦   Enhanced ability to generate more qualified leads

♦   Better alignment of sales and marketing goals

♦   Use scoring to prioritize your time and attention


♦   Increased marketing efficiency

♦   Message cadence: The ability to automate communications based on customer behavior across channels

♦   Improved segmentation: A central system-of-record for prospect engagement which allows for more personalized and relevant communications 

♦   Simplicity: One interface to manage multiple channels and centralize reporting

MAP – Our Process

We know there is no one size fits all solution when choosing a marketing automation platform! Each organization has unique needs and so, it is critical to understand your business objectives and how you envision your MAP supporting those objectives.

StratMg does not affiliate with any specific MAP provider. Our goal is always to find the ideal MAP partner for your company. We provide an objective review when finding email marketing automation companies for our clients. 

A high-level overview of our process follows – 

Step 1 – StratMg performs a comprehensive analysis to understand the needs of your team.  

♦   What are the Key Business Objectives?

♦   Are there plans for funding and cross-department support?

♦   What does the current internal infrastructure include?

♦   What is the internal skillset for technology, analytics and modeling, project management, etc.?

♦   Does the company have a short-term and long-term marketing plan?

♦   What metrics are used/would be used to measure the success of the team and the platform?

Step 2 – StratMg evaluates potential MAP Providers and brings your company a list of candidates – 

Based on the learnings from Step 1, StratMg will develop an RFQ process & filter a short list of marketing automation companies in the USA that have the potential to work for your company.

Critical factors to be considered during the vetting process include:

♦   How customizable does this system need to be, if at all?

♦   How long does the implementation take?

♦   Who are the current end-users of the MAP Provider? 

♦   What is the scalability of the platform?

♦   How do their customers rate their service?

Why Us?

At StratMg, we believe that relationships are one of the driving factors of success for a business. We recommend only best-in-class marketing automation platform companies in the USA to help serve our clients. Driven by Results … Period, we are passionate about getting our clients exactly what they need. 


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