Website Development

“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” – Sonya Parker


Your website should do more than tell people what you do – it should showcase your true identity, your true passion, your purpose.

A good lasting impression is what can help make a big impact now and down the road. We can help you do just that!

Your Website – A foundation to ‘Make Customers

Your Website is Your storefront – it should have one sole objective – to create trust and credibility for anyone who visits.

But to get web visitors, your website also needs to be fully optimized so search engine crawlers can index your site.

Done wrong – you have a disjointed, unenjoyable user experience. But done right – you have a gateway to consistent organic traffic that can turn to qualified leads.

As a best-in-class web development company in Illinois, we make sure to deliver you a website that caters to both audiences.

The Anatomy of Your Website

Website development and design is often geared towards website visitors. After all, you only have mere seconds to capture their attention and keep them interested in engaging with your website.

So how do you pique their interest?

♦   Create a personal experience

♦   Use photos and videos to showcase what products you offer

♦   Give prospects a behind-the-scenes look at what your company is about

Add clear call-to-actions, and your website should generate high-quality leads for your company.

Agencies that offer website development in Illinois and other places focus their efforts on design and content but can overlook the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

Websites need Search Engine Optimization to ensure search engine crawlers can index and rank your website when searched. After all, what good is a fantastically crafted end-user experience if there is hardly anyone to experience it?

A website optimized for search engine crawlers will have:

More qualified traffic >> Higher engagement level >> Higher probability of converting prospects to leads

Our Approach

As an industry-leading web development company in Illinois, we take a two-pronged approach to website building. We focus on the end-user experience and the technical topology that incorporates Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Our Website Design and Development Process

Phase I: Brainstorming/Research

Working together, we create goals for your website while also exploring your competitors’ websites and strategies to help your company develop a genuine impression for visitors.

Phase II: Site Mapping

This part of the process is where the organization and structure of your site design begins. We create a site map to visually show how the content will be structured and how that content is linked together for efficient navigation.

Phase III: Design and Production,

During this phase, our clients will be shown a proof of concept that helps visualize the overall branding direction. This also gives clients a chance to see the different sections of the site and examples of the needed functionality.

Phase IV: Testing & Refinement

After we have tested the website to make sure its functioning and navigating as developed across different browsers and devices, we send your way to give you a chance to test and provide feedback. Once we hear your thoughts, we address all necessary changes to deliver exactly what you want.

Phase V: Delivery and Launch

Once the website design and functionality are approved, the domain is pointed to the new website, and it becomes live and available to the public.

Phase VI: CMS/WordPress Training

We will host an interactive webinar with your team and go through the WordPress back-end to help you understand how the site is organized and to show you how to edit pages, photos, products, and general content management going forward.

Why Us?

Your goal is our goal, and we are not satisfied until you are. There are plenty of companies that offer website development in Illinois, but with StratMG, you can expect more than a beautiful website. You get a website that gives visitors an authentic look into who you are as a company. At StratMg, we believe in:

♦   Transparency Every Step of the Way

♦   Teamwork and Collaboration From Start to Finish

♦   Top Tier Results

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