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Best Practices for Google AdWords

Although Google Ads are short, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make Google AdWords services successful. Every little Google Ad is carefully engineered to land your business in the top spot of the Google Search results.

The recipe for success for PPC management for manufacturers can be a bit complicated. Your ad must target certain keywords, but still be digestible by your target audience.   You also need a sophisticated bidding strategy so that you can get the best positions for your ads at the lowest cost possible. Lastly, you have to create landing pages that reflect the content of your ads.

In an effort to cut through some of the noise and bring an element of simplicity into the equation, here are our best practices for Google Ads for industrial manufacturing companies.

  • Tailor your ads for Natural Language Search.

Natural language search (NLS) means expressing search terms in everyday common language. NLS is being rapidly adopted by the Google Ads platform. The reason for this is that voice search (on devices such as Alexa and Google Home) is now accounting for a greater share of overall search traffic. Furthermore, customers using voice search are often more prepared to convert. As a result of these NLS developments, Google is prioritizing ads written in common spoken language over a mashed together semblance of keywords, regardless of whether the ads are B2C or B2B.

  •  Automation is your friend.  Embrace an automated bid strategy.

Search Rank is the ultimate goal, however you want to balance that rank with the cost that it takes to get there.  To get the biggest bang for your buck on where your ads are positioned in the Google search results, you need to carefully consider what bidding strategy to use. You’ll put yourself in the best position in the search result pages if your bidding strategy involves some automation. An automated bidding strategy with a well-controlled maximum spend gives you the best shot for a highly ranked ad.  While the Google Ads platform offers different types of automation for you to use for your bids, there is some expertise required to get the maximum ROI rom this automation.

  •  Don’t forget mobile.

Most web browsing these days happens on mobile devices. It’s imperative that you have a Google Ads strategy for mobile customers. Tailor your ads to the time, location, and device where customers will be mobile. Mobile ad optimization offers some of the biggest payoffs for Google Ads.

  • Negative can be a positive. Make good use of negative keyword options.

Not many people realize Google Ads offers the ability for advertisers to select keywords that they DON’T want their ads to show for. That’s where negative keywords come in. Google won’t show your ad for any keywords that you’ve selected as negative in the system. Using negative keywords will help you better target your ads and avoid spending money on customers who are unlikely to convert.

  •  Have a tightly-knit campaign structure.

Even though it takes a lot of work, advertisers should consider using an exact-match campaign structure. An exact match campaign—that you can add on to over time–will give you a much better understanding of what is really drawing people to your website. The critical element of running an exact match campaign structure is to create tight ad groups with specific ad copy for each one. If you put the time in, you will see the payoff come in the form of higher Google Ad quality scores.

  • Create landing pages that are relevant.

Experienced Google ads consultants know that landing pages are just as important as the ads themselves. An amazing landing page is a key ingredient of your Google Ad. Your landing pages should use the same keyword as your ad because this increases your quality score.

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