StratMg Rules of Engagement

Please review the following rules of engagement for this project.  To accept them, please check the ‘I Accept’ box and submit the form.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Rules of Engagement

StratMg will use a project management platform to manage your project as well as communicate between you, StratMg, and our partners.

In the StratMg project management platform you will see:

♦   The Project Timeline and Key Milestone dates

♦   Project Deliverables and their status

♦  Your responsibilities,  that are required for the successful completion of this project  will be assigned to you as tasks, and will include but are not limited to Approvals, Acknowledgements, Feedback, etc.:

♦     Project Timelines require quick turnarounds – when something is assigned to you for approval within the project management platform you will be given 48 hours for response.  This will be stated explicitly by the task due date in the project management platform. StratMg will consider it approved if we do not receive a response or feedback by the given due date.

♦     Project assets, i.e. emails, social posts, etc., have one round of feedback available to the client – StratMg will make necessary updates based on feedback and consider the item approved unless the client clearly states they would like to see the edited item for approval.

♦     All final project deliverables will be shared with the client via the project management platform. The client is responsible for saving/sharing the files with their internal team.

♦     All project questions or concerns need to be submitted through your dedicated Project Contact Form, which will be included in your project dashboard.


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