Ability Engineering

Ability Engineering Technology (AET) is a leader in turnkey, value-added engineering and manufacturing of cryogenic solutions & other high-precision equipment. With a specialization in the design and manufacture of customized vessels and piping assemblies, a majority of their solutions are used throughout the liquid-gas supply chain for the purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage, and end-use of gases and hydrocarbons.


AET's overarching goals were to -

  • Reinforce the brand identity around thought leadership & industry expertise
  • Generate short-term traction with regards to lead generation


After a thorough audit of AET's online presence across multiple digital channels, the strategic plan from StratMg set out to create an extensive digital footprint for the company while simultaneously improving AET's accessibility and credibility among prospective buyers.

By focusing on the top of the marketing funnel, Ability would create a bigger pool of prospects and position themselves as a valued industry leader right from the start of the buyer's journey.

Top of Marketing Funnel Strategy

Step 1: Lead Generation

Overall Goal: Identify and drive qualified traffic to the company website to help grow the sales pipeline.

Marketing Strategy: The strategy was anchored in a two-pronged approach:
  • Recalibrate the website to ensure appropriate indexing by search engine crawlers.
  • Enhance domain authority through off-page optimization best practices.
Tactical Plan:
  • On-Page Optimization - AET Website
  • Reconfigure the website by optimizing all on-page code, i.e., header tags, internal link tags, et al., to meet website and search engine best practices.
  • Identify relevant keywords used when the target audience is researching similar services offered by AET.
  • Ensure compliance of best keyword practices with regards to copy - description & depth.
  • Off-Page Optimization -
  • A custom contextually relevant strategy to the company and it’s offering was crafted to enhance domain authority
  • Create and post new content across various digital spaces through contextually relevant classifieds, articles, blogs, etc.
  • Widen potential audience outreach through link syndication.
Step 2: Awareness Building

  • Overall Goal: Reinforce AET’s brand identity of thought leadership and industry expertise through social media.

    Marketing Strategy: Build and strengthen AET's visibility and credibility within LinkedIn. This effort would be gauged on the followers generated for the company.

    Tactical Plan:
    • Revamp LinkedIn Company page following industry best practices.
    • Conduct audience insight research to guide messaging and positioning of content.
    • Develop a drawing board & content of a conversation that enabled AET to build trust following credibility within its target audiences.
  • StratMg did more than provide a solution based on just our needs, they implemented a strategy based on the results we were looking to achieve. With this results-focused approach, it was easy to see the impact their efforts made throughout the life of the project and how important their partnership was to us achieving our goals.

    Project Deliverables:
    • Marketing Campaign & Execution
    • A consistent, multi-faceted digital footprint between website, SEO, and LinkedIn.
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • An optimized website that quantifiably improved search ranking and positioning of the company.
    • Unambiguous, easy-to-understand quantitative and qualitative insights into the project - opportunities, project effectiveness, sales traction, etc.
    • Social Media - LinkedIn
    • An optimized LinkedIn company page that drives qualified traffic to the page & engages target audience with resonating content that reinforces the brand identity of thought leadership and industry expertise.
    • A best practices manual to bring the implementation in-house and continue the on-going success of the program.

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