Alpha Products

In business since 1946, Alpha Products is an industry leader in design and manufacture of precision metal fabrications, deep draw stampings and assemblies.


Alpha Products tasked StratMg to develop a strategy to help gain additional market share within the Transportation Industry in the short-term while deliver on a plan for the long-term to enter and establish the company in a new market segment – Heavy Machinery.


StratMG took a structured and agile approach to the overall scope of the project –

  • Step 1 – Develop a Strategy for Growth
    • Overall Goal: Develop and deliver a go-to-market plan to enter a new market segment while finding ways to generate short-term traction within the Transportation Industry
    • Tactical Plan:  StratMG identified a two-pronged approach:
      • Short-term Growth – Gain Deeper Market Share in the current industry
        • Leverage the current success and brand equity within the Transportation Industry to expose new sales opportunities
        • Identified niche areas of growth, for instance – the Repair & Refurbish segment within the Transportation Industry, to generate traction relatively quickly.
      • Long-term Growth – New Market Entry
        • Understand the pain points and challenges of the target audience within the Heavy Machinery Industry
        • Map those pain points to the company’s capabilities and core competencies
        • Based on the learnings above, create a storyboard to build a level of trust and credibility for the company
  • Step 2 – Short-term Growth – Transportation Industry
    • Overall Goal:  Protecting the ‘Moat’ while generating additional revenue opportunities to help shore-up competitive advantage for Alpha Products
    • Tactical Plan:
      • Leveraging a marketing automation platform, StratMG crafted dynamic nurture flows to educate the customers and prospects on the overall capabilities of the company while staying front & center to the key decision-makers.
      • The program helped solidify the company’s relationship as a trusted advisor that was easy to do business with while providing personalized services.
      • Engagement tracking and lead scoring exposed opportunities for tele-verification.
      • Tele-verification resulted in sales appointments set for the company to further follow-up.
  • Step 3 – Long-Term Growth – Heavy Machinery
    • Overall Goal:  Diversify the current customer base by targeting a new industry and off-set the seasonality effect on the revenue stream.
    • Tactical Plan:  Lead Generation.  A multi-channel approach that built a relationship of trust & credibility for the company.  These relationships then turned into leads.  An execution plan included –
      • Account Based Marketing Plan
        • Overall Goal: Surgically identify key companies and prospects.  Then, convert Prospects to Leads
        • Tactical Plan:
          • A targeted custom prospect database was generated to implement an Account Based Marketing Strategy
          • Using online (marketing automation platform) & off-line (tele-verification) channels in tandem, a comprehensive personalized nurture plan was developed to help build a relationship of trust and credibility with the prospects.
          • Marketing & Sales alignment led to a congruent prospect experience throughout the lead life cycle.  This resulted in a significant sales pipeline with a high propensity to convert for the company.

“StratMg are excellent listeners – a mark of a great partner! They took the time to understand our business, our core competencies and value propositions. Then, based on their learnings, they helped us create a unique identity and positioned us to be trusted advisors to our customers and prospects. The results-based focus throughout the project was a refreshing change to a typical partner relationship. I believe that was the key factor that directly corelated to the overall success of the project. It was a pleasure to work with them indeed.”

Eric Marks, Vice-President Marketing & Sales, Alpha Products

Project Deliverables

  • Sales Growth Plan
    • A custom storyboard per industry to help position the company as a trusted advisor
    • A recommended Marketing & Sales strategic and tactical plan of action moving forward
  • Lead Generation
    • A custom prospect database with an accuracy of 95+% to monetize over a period
    • A soup-to-nuts personalized nurture campaign along w/lead scoring and analytics that included funnel velocity
    • Appointment-setting for leads interested in a conversation with Sales

Marketing Results


Engagement rate in a new market entry


Return on Marketing Investment

Sales Results


Year-over-year growth in the sales pipeline


Increase in sales conversion rate

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