Armoloy Corporation, a pioneer in precision coatings since 1957, provides a gold standard in surface coatings ranging from Thin Dense Chrome to Nickle-Teflon within a variety of industries ranging from nuclear power & aviation to food manufacturing.


Armoloy Corporation’s growth strategy included a two-pronged approach – increase market share in the current footprint and target additional segments to drive growth. Further, the solution needed to be modularized enough to be able to replicate across other locations of the company.


StratMg worked closely with the Executive Staff to create a quantifiable proof-of-concept that would unambiguously map marketing investment dollars to a sales pipeline. This proof-of-concept served two purposes – first, it would validate the growth strategy and second, it would enable the company to ‘test the waters’ of Account Based Marketing prior to a significant commitment in time, resources and budget.

StratMg took a structured and agile approach to the overall project –

  • Strategic Marketing Plan -
    • Short-term Growth – Increase current market share
      • Overall Goal: Based on successes within the served industries, develop, and deliver a marketing plan to generate traction in the immediate future
      • StratMg worked with the Executive Staff to -
        • Identify niche areas of growth, for instance – Pumps & Valves, Injection Molding…to generate traction
        • Given the company’s successes and tremendous brand equity in the industries, position the company as a credible advisor to the prospects not a vendor.
        • Create a storyboard to educate the prospects on identifying the most appropriate solutions for their respective challenges along with the pros/cons & the benefits of the solutions thus building a relationship of a credible partner to the prospects.
      • Long-term Growth – Target new industries
        • Overall Goal: Diversify the current customer base by targeting new industries to generate organic growth
        • StratMg worked with the Executive Staff to -
          • Identify new segments for growth, for instance – Food Service Equipment, Medical Device Equipment, etc.
          • Understand the pain points and challenges by job function of the target audience
          • Map those pain points and solutions within the context of the company’s capabilities and core competencies. This positioned the company as a trusted advisor and not a vendor to the prospects.
          • Create a storyboard to educate the prospects on the value proposition of the service offering within the context of their respective challenges thus building a relationship as a trusted partner not a vendor.
        • Tactical Marketing Plan -
          • Overall Goal: Generate high quality and qualified sales opportunities for the in-house sales team
          • Lead Generation via an Account Based Marketing Plan
            • A custom prospect database was generated by surgically targeting companies and job functions.
            • Leveraging a marketing automation platform, StratMg crafted a personalized dynamic journey to educate the prospects on the value proposition of the service offering within the context of their respective challenges.
            • The program helped solidify the company’s relationship as a trusted and credible partner while emphasizing key attributes such as a personalized experience along with how easy the company is to do business with.
            • Marketing & Sales alignment led to a congruent prospect experience throughout the lead life cycle. This resulted in a significant sales pipeline with a high propensity to convert for the company

"Simply put, StratMg proved their core philosophy – to position Armoloy to be a partner to our prospects and not just another supplier. Their ability to help us successfully create an identity for Armoloy Corporation as a trusted advisor was instrumental in our sales growth. Their solution has generated a momentum for us and our many franchises across multiple industries, and we intend to keep building on that momentum."

Jake Meier Armoloy , Owner & Chief Business Development Officer

Project Deliverables

  • A custom prospect database with an accuracy of 95+% to monetize over time
  • Lead Generation –
    • A soup-to-nuts personalized nurture campaign along w/lead scoring and analytics that included funnel velocity

Marketing Results


Return on Marketing Investment


Success was cloned in 3 different territories

Sales Results


Growth in sales in the first year


Reduction in an average sales cycle

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