F.N. Smith

An expert Engineering & Machining Services provider specializes in Custom Conveyor Solutions, Roll & Mill Manufacturing & Custom Packaging Solutions.


The company objective was to help scale revenues in the short-term while building a strong foundation for consistent revenue growth in the longer term.


StratMg provided a quantifiable solution with a ‘crawl – walk – run’ approach –

  • Step 1 – Articulate a Business Strategy for Growth
    • Overall Goal: Without disrupting the trajectory of the business, diversify the sales growth strategy.
    • Tactical Plan:  Based on RFM Modelling and additional analytics, StratMg identified a two-pronged approach:
      • Short-term Growth – Customer Retention & Cross-Sell/Up-Sell
      • Long-term Growth – New Customer Acquisition via diversification of targeted industries
  • Step 2 – Customer Retention – Short-term Growth
    • Overall Goal:  Protecting the ‘Moat’ while generating additional revenue opportunities to help shore-up competitive advantage for FN Smith Corporation
    • Tactical Plan:
      • Leveraging a marketing automation platform, StratMg crafted dynamic nurture flows to educate the customers on the overall capabilities of the company while staying front & center to the key decision-makers.
      • The program helped solidify the company’s relationship as a trusted advisor that was easy to do business with while providing personalized services.
      • Engagement tracking and lead scoring exposed opportunities that were then passed over to the Sales team for further follow-ups.
  • Step 3 – New Customer Acquisition – Long-Term Growth.
    • Overall Goal:  Diversify the current customer base by targeting new industries and off-set seasonality for the company
    • Tactical Plan:  Lead Generation.  A multi-channel approach that built a relationship of trust & credibility for the company.  These relationships then turned into leads.  An execution plan included –
      • Website Development
        • Overall Goals –
          • Create an identity for the company by positioning its engineering team as one that thrives on challenges
          • Using Conversion Rate Optimization techniques, generate inquiries for the company
      • Top of the Funnel Execution
        • Overall Goal: Convert Suspects to Prospects
        • Tactical Plan: A Search Engine Optimization initiative drove qualified traffic in turn resulting in inquiries for the company
      • Middle of the Funnel Execution
        • Overall Goal: Convert Prospects to Leads
        • Tactical Plan:
          • A targeted custom prospect database was generated to implement an Account Based Marketing Strategy
          • Using a marketing automation platform, a comprehensive personalized nurture plan was developed to help build a relationship of trust and credibility with the prospects.
      • Bottom of the Funnel Execution
        • Overall Goal: Leads to Sales!
        • Tactical Plan: Developed Marketing – Sales alignment via a congruent prospect experience throughout the lead life cycle.  This helps enhance conversion rates.

"StratMg found a way to develop & deliver on a ‘crawl-walk-run’ strategy that resulted in diversified sales growth for FN Smith. Their integrity & a quantifiable results-oriented approach is the primary catalyst to our successful relationship. They’re a true extension of our sales team."

Chris Blumhoff, FN Smith , Chief Operating Officer

Project Deliverables

    • Business Strategy Recommendation Report –
      • An in-depth view of the current landscape for the company
      • Analytics identifying the core ‘DNA’ of an ideal customer along with the core strengths and capabilities of the company
      • A recommended Marketing & Sales strategic and tactical plan of action moving forward
    • Lead Generation –
      • A company website optimized for conversion rates based on analysis on prospect engagement behavior
      • Monthly & Year-over-Year Quarterly analytics for Top of the Funnel marketing channels to ensure a quantified RoI on the quality and quantity of organic traffic generated
      • A soup-to-nuts personalized nurture campaign along w/lead scoring and analytics that included funnel velocity (MQL & SAL)
      • Appointment-setting for leads interested in a conversation with Sales

Marketing Results


Year-over-year increase in organic users to the site


Engaged prospects within the first 6 months

Sales Results


Year-over-year qualified sales pipeline growth


Twice the industry average in retained sales growth

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