Lemfco, a premier cast iron foundry in the United States, specializes in manufacturing of gray iron castings for myriad industries.


Lemfco was growing at a predictable rate year-over-year via customer retention and referral business. However, to scale growth efforts at a faster clip they needed to proactively pursue outbound efforts.


StratMG worked with the Executive team to understand the current business imperatives at Lemfco. Together, the team devised a strategic approach to target new market entries.

The tactical plan started by leveraging Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive qualified traffic to the website. An outline of the execution plan is as follows –

  • Step 1 – Identify Strategic Opportunities for Growth
    • Overall Goal:
      • Map growth opportunities to keywords along with strategic imperatives to dictate time, budget, resource allocations to achieve a quantifiable result.
    • Tactical Plan:
      • StratMG conducted an in-depth competitive analysis to gauge the value proposition and the key differentiators for the company and its positioning on the website.
      • Further, a baseline report was generated to identify key metrics such as current keyword rankings, broken links, google penalties, etc.
    • Step 2 – Website: On-Page Optimization
      • Overall Goal: Recalibrate the website to ensure easy indexing by all search engine crawlers
      • Tactical Plan:
        • Re-tool the website to be in complete compliance with the search engine recommendations and best practices.
        • Specific emphasis was given to ensure Canonicalization, Header Tags, Internal link structuring, page speed & existing content optimization, etc. were all in compliance to current principles.
        • In addition, structured data mark-up techniques were used to optimize conversion rates and monetize organic traffic.
      • Step 3 – Website: Off-Page Optimization
        • Overall Goal: Enhance the site diversity and domain authority
        • Tactical Plan:
          • Content Marketing was used to generate Classifieds, Articles & Blogs
          • Social Media helped drive high domain authority traffic to the company website
          • Local search optimization methods such as Google My Business were implemented

“StratMG exposed sales opportunities in segments we didn’t even have on our radar. Further, their streamlined process keeps my level of involvement to a minimum. As a business owner it is important for us to work with experts that are driven by results and are conscious of our time and capital investment.StratMG checks all those boxes for sure!”

Desiree Einsweiler President, Lemfco, Inc.

Project Deliverables

  • Project Analytics & Reports
    • In-Depth Lemfco website analysis & report
    • Competitive Analysis & Report
    • Search Engine Optimization Activity Reports

Marketing Results


Increase in engaged organic traffic


Keywords in Top 10 Vs 0% at project initiation

Sales Results


Year-over-year sales pipeline growth

2x LTV

Twice avg LTV of a typical customer


New Market Entries

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