Versatech, a full-service engineering, manufacturing, and consulting company, offers a robust portfolio of services and equipment to help manufacturers realize efficiencies through automation, robotic integration, machine vision, work-holding/fixturing, and improved manufacturing processes.


Versatech’s prime objective was to create a predictable and consistent sales growth strategy. With limited resources, i.e., marketing budget and in-house bandwidth, it was critical for the company to optimize and quantify the allocation of every marketing dollar.


StratMg crafted and executed a two-pronged strategic plan. One aspect focused on short-term traction, while the other laid the foundation for consistent growth in the mid-term. This plan was accomplished via a full-funnel management tactical plan and ensured that efforts and messaging would align with the needs of the customers and prospects while also helping to provide funnel continuity.

Top of Marketing Funnel Strategy - New Customer Acquisition

Step 1: Short-term traction

Overall Goal: Diversify the current customer base by penetrating new markets and help create a more robust sales pipeline.

Marketing Strategy: Develop a custom prospect database and leverage a multi-channel, multi-touch account-based marketing program to target specific companies.

Tactical Plan:

  • Leverage web crawling custom algorithms to generate a custom prospect database that mirrors the ‘DNA’ of the preferred industries and the ideal customer profiles
  • Use a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) to set up and deploy a personalized engagement-based email campaign that positions Versatech as an industry expert and trusted advisor to the prospect
  • Leverage tele verification to build a relationship with the prospect and where possible, generate a sales appointment

Step 2: Mid-term Traction

Overall Goal: Generate consistent and in-depth organic end-user engagement on the company website by leveraging organic search algorithms to result in a consistent flow of qualified prospects for Versatech.

Marketing Strategy: Deploy a Search Engine Optimization strategy that positions Versatech as a trusted resource within the industrial automation segment.

Tactical Plan:
  • Devise, implement and recalibrate a keyword optimization program
  • Leverage on-page optimization best practices to ensure search engine algorithms index the company website
  • Weave a contextually relevant eco-system of backlinks that enhance the company’s domain authority within the search engine algorithms
  • Continuously analyze and leverage program data to redesign the corporate website for enhanced end-user engagement and optimized conversion rates

Middle of Marketing Funnel Strategy: Customer Retention

Step 3: Short-term Traction

Overall Goal: Convert one-time and infrequent customers to multi-purchasing advocates of the company.

Marketing Strategy: Educate current customers on the company’s overall value proposition and capabilities to expose additional cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Tactical Plan:
  • Deploy an NPS survey to better understand Versatech’s perceived value proposition from a customer’s standpoint
  • Categorize audiences into three segments and develop appropriate messaging goals for each audience segment
  • Stay top of mind with the customer via a multi-threaded marketing campaign leveraging personalized journeys using SEO, Email, and Tele Verification
  • Convert customers by utilizing engagement tracking and scoring across all touchpoints to identify additional sales opportunities. This was accomplished by:
    • Developing and implementing a Marketing – Sales alignment plan to help reduce the customer sales cycle
    • Leveraging engagement tracking and scoring from customer retention plan to identify potential cross-sell/upsell opportunities

Choosing StratMg as a partner was an easy decision made even easier by what they stand for. StratMg is focused on building relationships, which aligns directly with our company values. Their partnership truly feels like an extension of our own team. Plus, their results-oriented approach meant there were quantifiable results tied to each step of the plan.

Joe Forbes, Versatech , Senior Vice President

Project Deliverables

  • Custom Business Strategy to Support Versatech's Strategic Growth Plans
    • Analytics identifying the core ‘DNA’ of an ideal customer within potential industries outside of the current scope
    • Insight into current customer landscape and the potential for cross-sell/upsell opportunities
    • Multi-channel strategy for targeting and moving the different audiences through the sales funnel along with lead scoring and analytics that included funnel velocity (MQL & SAL)
  • Lead Generation
    • A custom prospect database
    • A congruent multi-touch, multi-threaded marketing campaign using SEO, Email Marketing and Tele Verification
    • A transparent dashboard that mapped allocated dollars to the sales pipeline

Marketing Results


Year-over-year increase in organic traffic to the site


Engaged prospects within their key target profile

Sales Results


Newly identified pipeline opportunities

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