Canada Anti-Spam Legislation is in effect starting today – Highlights

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Canada Anti-Spam Legislation is in effect starting today – Highlights

Canada Anti-Spam Legislation, CASL, is in effect starting today. This law is said to be most stringent legislation of email to date and includes steep fines of up to $10 Million. Highlights you should be aware of:

  • Consent All recipients of Commercial Electronic Mail into or out of Canada must have implied or expressed consent.
  • Identification Information: Appropriate contact information cited should be accurate for at least 60 days after transmission. This should also include a working reply function other than ‘do not reply’.
  • Unsubscribe Mechanism: Clearly display a means to unsubscribe from future mailings at no cost. In addition, an electronic address or a link to a web page should be provided to enable unsubscribe functionality. These requests needs to be processed within 10 business days of submission.

For more information on CASL and compliance, please visit the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission website –

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