Five Steps to Service Recovery and Complaint-Handling Success [Infographic]

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Five Steps to Service Recovery and Complaint-Handling Success [Infographic]

No business is perfect, and sometimes a product or service fails. So, what should you do when your customers have a complaint about it?

Here’s a look at the five-step recovery process, according to the LIFT Edge infographic.

First, make it easy for your customers to complain. Yes, you read that correctly.

By doing so, “You get an opportunity to recover from the failure and save the customer,” states the infographic. “Second, a convenient process has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty beyond the remedy you offer.”

A fair process means you assume responsibility, quickly resolve the problem, and require only a few interactions.

To find out more about how to handle complaints and get back

on your customers’ good side, tap or click on the infographic.

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