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Is SEO, as we know it, dead? Not!

With the update to Google’s core algorithm in May 2020, there is plenty of chatter about SEO and its effectiveness moving forward. Questions such as – what happens to all my SEO efforts? Is it a waste? Should I invest any more time into SEO? – these questions are moot if you understand the tweak in the algorithm.

As I see it, it is the best thing to happen to a company if the company has been doing what it was supposed to do all along. Keywords were being used as “short-cut” to get a page ranked. Now, moving forward, Google is emphasizing what they term ‘Conversational Search’. This way, if someone were to search for “Best place to buy an iPhone in my neighborhood”, Google can discern the true context and the meaning of the search to rank and show pages whose content best relates to the prospect’s needs as opposed to pages that have keywords tagged such as ‘iPhone’, ‘buy’, etc.

So, all in all, the holy grail is to ensure the content of a website is in complete harmony with the needs of it’s targeted prospects. If a company manages to accomplish this, it should see a spike in the quality of traffic. Here’s a link that helps further understand the effects of Hummingbird to a company’s SEO strategy:

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