Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Companies

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Not every B2B lead generation strategy is a proven winner.

The importance of a solid sales strategy for B2B companies has been well documented. However, a leading study found well over half (61 percent) of marketers associate difficulty with the task of B2B lead generation.

For certain, the manufacturing decision makers who reach out to us here at StratMg looking for the best lead generation strategies for B2B. Strategies that actually boost sales.

B2B lead generation: The best of strategies that actually boost sales leads 

Are you staging objectives and tactics to execute lead generation strategies B2B style? There are several defining factors manufacturing companies may wish to consider.

Always Engage with Your Target Audience

How many emails or LinkedIn messages do you open from sales reps who know how to spark attention—only to learn no thought was placed into understanding your actual needs as a manufacturing business? Let’s rephrase that. How many messages did you receive this week?

B2B lead generation starts with authentic introductions. This assumes little, but says a lot in terms of:

  • Demonstrating to your client or future customer that you understand them—their actual needs.
  • Providing info they can use—to enlighten the buying journey, their buying processes.
  • Offering a clear path to conversion—make it easy to access and return to your content and messages at their convenience.

The B2B Lead Generation Process

You know that long sales cycles in B2B are not a fad. We know they are a mainstay in the manufacturing marketing arenas.

The advent of desktop publishing and digital age technologies turned upside down—and on its head—the way people and businesses consume, share and analyze information.

  • Unique opportunities have been manifest. Lead generation for B2B companies!

Early adopters have been working hard to get ahead and stay ahead in “self-publishing”—the content development, email marketing and social media optimization—game. The high-clearance manufacturing doors are swinging wide open for a B2B marketing paradigm shift.

So how do we go about:

  • Leveraging demonstrations of your core competencies—articulate your capabilities in fresh, more dynamic ways?
  • Speaking with more authority about, and illustrating more clearly, what makes you different—what really sets you apart?


B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

The new technologies are allowing for innovative optimizations in lead generation. Data and metrics are being used to gauge the interests of prospects and the impact of marketing dollars on an ongoing basis, in near-real time.

All of this contributes to:

1) Greater capacity for thought leadership and the sharing of valuable industry knowledge and information via digital platforms. –The necessary platforms may already be carved out or easy to conceptualize.

2) More incentive to “compete only against yourself” by leveraging your unique brand voice and manufacturing “niche.” –Your uniqueness can be leveraged into digestible pieces of marketing copy that reveal true differentiators, your unique selling proposition.


The 5 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies

So what are the five best strategies for B2B lead generation?

  1. Get Ready, Be Found—Optimize your website, invest in SEO and backlinks

At StratMg, we believe in sharing our learnings and insights. Transparency comes first. That’s why we created several guides that go deeper into why SEO for manufacturing companies is important, considering an evolving B2B marketing landscape.

SEO is a powerful tool. It should be considered as part of any serious B2B lead generation strategy. First, it is imperative to ensure optimization of your website—this travels together with SEO acumen and the critical development of trusted backlinks.

Another way to view it:

  • Your website is an engine. Nurturing leads with email marketing starts with the development of high-quality content. High-quality content fuels your website. SEO is the oil—a crucial piece.
  • Once leveled, the oil in your SEO reservoir (the metadata, header tags, keywords, backlinks, etc). should only require periodic maintenance. The initial SEO “top off, alongside limited, yet periodic maintenance, are two keys to optimization.
  • In brief, for some manufacturing companies, an investment in this part of their marketing infrastructure was the best decision they could have made. That’s not just our $0.02 worth. They’ve seen our metrics and SEO data and have experienced proven results to back it up.


  1. Reach Out—Nurture leads with email marketing

More than 70 percent of B2B types now start their buying journeys in a digital context. By the time you are found online—once your prospect lands on your website, your email message, that LinkedIn note, etc—the countdown to capture and hold their attention has already begun.

At StratMg, we’ve learned it’s best to get straight to the point in our email marketing messages. One way to fire up “cold” emails is by injecting a healthful dose of creativity. If we want to get creative, we could name this message something like a “digital ice breaker” for your next campaign.



  • Have you provided readers with a proper introduction?
  • Does the content you serve dish up high-quality intel they can use?
  • Is it presented in a way that addresses your specific audience’s questions (pain points)?
  • Do you have a good handle on who your readers are; the information they are looking for?
  • Is this knowledge being leveraged to share more about your capabilities, differentiators?
  • Do the emails you sent reflect your true thought-leadership and subject matter expertise?

Those are questions.

The answers may be part of your overall B2B lead generation solution.

Before ever asking to speak with a salesperson, your prospect may return multiple times to your website or material they viewed previously in an email or on another platform. Is it time to start nurturing leads with an email marketing B2B lead generation campaign?


  • What are we going to do today? Help prospects on their buying journey.

We’ve discovered that populating a targeted prospect database and arranging an initial series of 5 email messages is a perfect way to:

  1. Provide a warm introduction
  2. Inform prospects; add value immediately
  3. Highlight your mission, vision, products, services and capabilities
  4. Relate your knowledge, manufacturing industry experience, client success stories, etc
  5. Set real benchmarks and track your marketing dollar performance through the sales pipeline!
  6. Much more…

Plus, what if the original message to your prospect was deleted, lost or isn’t easily locatable? It is no longer near the TOP of their inbox! By sharing an introduction and the appropriate follow-ups, you’ve not only better informed your prospect, you are…

MAKING it easier for your customers to FIND YOU and your future clients to DO BUSINESS with you.


  1. Be Thoughtful—Use client reviews, referrals, case studies, more

It’s been said that the only way to the other side of pain is through it. If your customer or prospect is experiencing pain, they want out of it. They want out and you want to be there to assist—guiding them to the other side.

  • Once you’ve optimized your website, it’s time to start publishing.

One of the most effective and creative ways to achieve this is serving high-quality content that caters to understanding and answering your target audience’s actual questions. This translates into offering something of value they can internalize.

You want to be:

  • Authentic
  • Transparent
  • Consistent

When we talk about consistently producing and sharing relevant industry content what we are really talking about is taking more control and ownership of your message. White papers, case studies, jobs stories, customer testimonials, online reviews, etc.

Two ways to set yourself up for more warm referrals and better lead generation is 1) Originating credible content 2) Repurposing the nice things others are saying about you.

This type of marketing collateral helps set a tone for prospects—regardless of how far along they may be in their buying journey!

Meanwhile, your prospects want to vet your credibility.

They want:

–Something factual, thought provoking—easy to reference, consume, digest, share, point to, act on, etc.

–Something tangible—they can use it to make comparisons, inform their buying considerations.

–Something demonstrable—How their expectations will be aligned—how you will deliver.


In this way, you are inviting your prospects to look under the hood—to take a closer look at what makes your manufacturing operation tick.


  1. Be Active—on social media, especially LinkedIn

Being active on social media is super helpful when establishing a digital identity that reflects your authentic, genuine real-world brand. LinkedIn has become the go-to network for B2B marketers.

A HubSpot study of more than 5,000 B2C and B2B companies shows that LinkedIn is the predominant social network for lead generation.

Marketers report the business networking platform is:

  • 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.
  • Accounting for 80 percent of their social media leads.
  • The most effective social channel in terms of high-quality leads.

Did you know social selling refers to the collective tactics used as a direct medium to reach out to prospects? Relatively new, this is a highly effective strategy for lead generation.

For one, social selling allows for authentic rapport-building, genuine engagement with prospects and easier segmentation of the target audience. This helps build meaningful relationships thus resulting in being a trusted resource to your target audience.

In turn, this trust results in the exposure of new sales opportunities for your company.




  1. Be Seen, Be Heard—Invest in paid media, video marketing


Paid media and niche advertising is an important tool for manufacturing companies, especially near trade shows and special events.

The right partner should be able to align your marketing and advertising dollars with your content strategy. Helping pinpoint where your investment will likely have the biggest impact, potential for the biggest returns.

Furthermore, audio and visual marketing—could be a live video, webinar, QA session, etc—is another B2B lead generation tactic. This type of multimedia content pays dividends by connecting more deeply, generating a higher rate of engagement with customers and prospects.

This can connect your B2B audience to a personalized format, providing a more interactive way for them to explore—to learn how your offerings align with their real needs.

Let’s Manufacture Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

  • Build rapport via consistent sharing vs The latest marketing fad
  • Generate awareness using quality content vs Starting with a cold sales pitch
  • Engage the right prospect vs Sending the wrong messages
  • Come across as transparent, authentic vs Appearance of being isolated, out-of-reach
  • Track your marketing investment vs No indication of what’s working and what can be improved



At StratMg, we understand the multiple layers of decision-making and complexities associated with the manufacturing business, supply chains, vendor relationships, the industry. We hope you have found an insight or two that has perhaps helped inform your B2B lead generation sensibilities.

  • Are your prospects on a buying journey? Let’s meet them there.


My $0.02 worth on B2B lead generation?

1 – Determine your pool of prospective buyers.

2 – Do more than market to them. Engage with them.

3 – Define and share credible posts that educate, inform and reflect your uniqueness.

Transparency comes first, which goes a long way especially when developing lead generation strategies for B2B. You can always learn more about what StratMg offers from our website.

Or contact us directly about anything we can do to help guide the development of your B2B manufacturing marketing strategy and goals.

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out for a chat!

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