Re-evaluate Sales Strategy to Increase Revenue

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Re-evaluate Sales Strategy to Increase Revenue

The Aha Moment: Know when to Pivot your Sales Strategy to Optimize Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is a direct function of a successful sales strategy. Analyzing the success of current sales efforts allows you to amend those that are no longer working and continue those that are.

A couple of suggested steps to evaluate the effectiveness of a sales strategy:

  • Map the current sales process– Mapping the current stages of the process helps take a closer look at areas of improvement (if any), and it is important to see if the processes in place are generating as much success as when they were initially created. It can help answer questions like, is each step helping you get closer to a sale, how can it be modified to reduce your average sales cycle, is there anything that could be added to increase potential revenue, etc.
  • Set clear objectives– Setting clear and concise objectives promotes accountability and allows you to tie results directly to specific efforts within the business. This can be done by developing large personal goals, and segmenting them based on the week, month, etc. Breaking down bigger goals into smaller parts is much simpler to track progress and smaller victories. It also allows you to identify existing patterns and trends.

Each of these suggestions require willingness to self-evaluate. Monitoring your goals and steps within the sales process will help understand where success, or lack thereof, is stemming from. The ability and commitment to change and adapt as necessary will keep you in an ideal position for closing sales.

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