The Return of the StratMG Blog!

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The Return of the StratMG Blog!

StratMG is back online! As a refresher, we have a proven record to be your trusted advisor as it relates to business growth via off-the-shelf technology platforms and processes. Scaling a company relies heavily on the ‘right’ business strategy, i.e. ‘which rabbits to chase,’ and superior execution.

Moving forward, we will share our experiences, learnings, tips, trends, etc. on the different aspects of business growth, for instance –

Business Strategy

  • Budget and resource allocation
  • New Customer Acquisition Vs Retention Vs Customer service
  • Diversification


  • Sales – Sales process, as it stands in the digital world
  • Marketing – Converting it to a pre-sales organization, Mapping every dollar spent to sales
  • Operations – Key trends

Posts can be expected multiple times every week, and each week we will focus primarily on one topic related to those listed above.

So buckle-up and stay tuned for our two-cents…

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