Acquire New Manufacturing Customers with Emotional Appeal

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Industrial Buyers Are Humans, Not Companies

Acquire New Manufacturing Customers through speedy response times. 44% of industrial buyers expect a response to an RFI within 24 hours. Another 29% expect a response within 1 to 2 days.

Here at StratMg, we developed a step-by-step method to help you acquire new manufacturing customers. For growth-focused companies, stakes for new customer acquisition keep getting higher.

LinkedIn B2B marketing researchers recently found that “the only viable way for brands to grow is through customer acquisition. Expanding a brand’s customer base is therefore essential.”

Most prospects have an established supply chain relationship. So, how will you convince them to give your company a chance? Focus on emotional drivers that guide decision-making!

Focus on Human Emotions

Marketing methods and channels change, but buyers remain human first and foremost. That’s why values and benefits-based approaches work best. Follow these steps to find solid leads and convert those leads to new customers:

  • Get to know your target prospect
  • Show you care
  • Build a relationship with prospects
  • Use marketing automation to deliver the right message at the right time


Relationship-building Begins with First Impressions

Develop prospect personas by thinking about industrial customers have you have hoped to get but been unable to convert. Conduct research and build personas based on your ideal prospects.

Once you’ve done the work to develop prospect personas, you will know their needs and priorities. Take that knowledge and show prospects that you care about them.

Build trust by sharing your purpose. And make sure that purpose aligns with their priorities!

Content that Attracts New Manufacturing Customers

Develop content that will communicate credibility. Here are good examples of content that will attract new customers:

  • Product specifications
  • Quality metrics
  • Capabilities
  • Clear benefits of establishing relationship with your company
  • What to expect every step of the way


Use the Right Message at the Right Time

Overall, the strategy to acquire new manufacturing customers comes down to delivering the right message at the right time. If you’re thinking about how your company can increase customer acquisition, let’s talk!

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