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3 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Trade Show Results

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If you’re like most of our manufacturing clients, the reduction in trade shows over the past two years hit hard. With trade shows closer to full swing this year, we’ve got tips for manufacturing trade show marketing.

Specifically, let’s look at how marketing automation can boost your trade show ROI (return-on-investment).

Get the highest possible ROI out of all the time, effort, and budget you put into trade shows! Develop a strategy and use the 3 tips covered in this post to boost trade show ROI with marketing automation techniques.

Plan Your Manufacturing Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Making plans for manufacturing trade shows’ big come back in 2022? Perhaps you’re looking ahead to the International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 12-17, 2022, in our hometown, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Regardless of which shows you will attend, you likely have a plan for capturing leads and promoting your brand identity. Does your plan include a strategy for measuring and maximizing your return on investment (ROI)?

Old school ROI involved a lot of manual tracking and counting, with high uncertainty in the results. Marketing and sales teams lost opportunities due to missed connections and failed hand-offs. Back then, before marketing automation came along, we did the best we could do with the limited tools we had.

Now, you can still count the number of business cards you collect in the fish bowl, track which of those leads become customers, and measure how much revenue they generate. But you don’t have to do that on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet!

The business card prospects will be easier to manage and monetize with the right marketing automation platform. And, you can do so much more to increase the chances that trade show leads will become customers.

3 Tips for Boosting Trade Show ROI

  • Trade Show Marketing Tip 1: Personalized follow-up

    • A prompt, personalized follow-up within 2-to-3 days of the trade show will boost engagement and brand recognition


  • Trade Show Marketing Tip 2: Lead scoring and routing

    • Be astute about which leads gets routed to sales immediately and which need nurturing by the marketing team with lead scoring
  • Trade Show Marketing Tip 3: Tracking and attribution

    • Encode the trade show as a lead source within your CRM to eventually track trade show ROI

A marketing automation platform will allow a personalized journey for contacts you make. Whether you receive 100 leads or 1,000, respond with personalized attention.

Marketing automations empowers you to provide the kind of attention buyers’ expect at scale. As a bonus, you gain the ability to track and score engagements. As a result, you’re able to measure and report true ROI for each and every trade show. That way, you know which shows to book for next year!

Bonus Tips: The More You Know, the Higher the ROI on Trade Show Leads

When it comes to personalization, the more you can learn about leads the better.

  • Offer an incentive for trade show leads to complete a quick one- or two-question survey that will help you know where they are at in the buying cycle.
  • Provide an easy way for booth workers to enter notes into the database about a contact they speak with at the show.

For more ideas on how to boost trade show ROI with CRM best practices, get our free Capturing Data white paper. This report is full of tips and tricks to capture essential prospect data to result in a prospect-driven personalized conversation.

What trade shows do you plan to attend this year? Let’s talk! Or, connect with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us.

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